The Low Popahirum, September 23, 2015


Donald Trump was in no fighting mood on Tuesday night.” – Politico

“As a non-Catholic, I have grave hesitation wandering in to public disputes about Catholic doctrine, and about the person of the Pope. My knowledge of Catholicism is pretty imperfect and tends to be riddled with misunderstandings, so rather than go full Vox on the subject, I tend to leave arguments about Catholics to the Catholics.” – Red State

“In case you missed it earlier this week, the New York Times published an extensive piece detailing how U.S. soldiers serving in Afghanistan have been told to ignore rampant sexual abuse of young children, mostly boys, by Afghan allies because “it’s their culture.” U.S. soldiers were not only told they would be punished for intervening or stopping a sexual assault, they have been punished for doing so. ” – Katie Pavlich/Town Hall

“Legal eagles are invited to correct me but the chances of actually winning this suit are somewhere between zero percent and … zero, no?” – Hot Air

“Federal investigators reportedly have recovered work-related and personal emails from Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state that the Democratic presidential front-runner claimed had been deleted from her personal server.” – Fox News

“Raymond Arroyo, news anchor of the largest Catholic cable channel in the world, says that he was struck by how political Pope Francis’ talk at the White House this morning was. He said the Pope’s talk had a political edge.” – Breitbart

“Jamie Lee Bracey said he was in a Walmart in Florence, Alabama, last week at the gun counter and happened upon a product that piqued his interest — ‘Gun Oil H2O.‘” – The Blaze

“Last week, it was Donald Trump in the path of the Democrats demanding that he defend President Obama when called a Muslim.” – Conservative Daily News

“Hey, everyone. Serial fabulist and liar Brian Williams was back on the air yesterday, hosting NBC’s JV coverage of Pope Francis’ arrival in D.C. over on MSNBC.” – Twitchy

Pope Francis is arriving in the U.S. at a time when the faithful are facing broad challenges in court over the limits of religious liberty.” – Washington Times


“If you have plans to fly out of Louisiana next year, you may need a new license or a passport to do so. That’s because of something called the Real ID Act, which is drumming up plenty of controversy.” – Fox 8 Live

“LSU tailback Leonard Fournette’s foray into the Heisman Trophy hunt scored another touchdown Monday as USA Today’s first Heisman survey of the season gained him 23 of a possible 26 first place votes.” –

“The mudslinging has begun. This weekend gubernatorial candidate David Vitter released attack ads on his republican challengers – Scott Angelle and Jay Dardenne. Now they are firing back.” –

Each election cycle seems to present us with more candidates running unopposed. Challengers are becoming harder to come by, and it’s a trend that’s only strengthening. In just a few short years, it’s difficult not to envision a landscape where half or more of our politicians across the state will be routinely elected with no opposition whatsoever.” – La Politics

“As the state of Colorado and dealers everywhere know, there’s some serious cash to be made in marijuana. Now, the ever-ambitious stoner Snoop Dogg is getting in on the game, with a techy twist.” –

“Some Acadiana communities will receive a boost in state funding for some much needed public improvements.” –

Baton Rouge resident Hamed Ghassemi is locked away in an Iranian jail, multiple sources say. This comes five months after his mother was abducted and murdered in a murder-for-hire plot allegedly involving her ex-husband.” – Fox 8 Live

“The father-in-law and brother-in-law of Louisiana actress and beauty queen Ali Landry were kidnapped and killed earlier this month in Tampico, Mexico, according to the online publication Latin Times.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate

Thursday, September 24 marks the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Rita hitting Southwest Louisiana. At the time, local leaders had already been paying close attention to how New Orleans had reacted to Hurricane Katrina and now it was their turn.With just a few days warning, Southwest Louisiana residents heeded the warnings and evacuated for Hurricane Rita. That’s always a fear among emergency leaders. Hal McMillin was president of the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury in the fall of 2005.” –

“The New Orleans Saints have filled the open spot on their practice squad.” – The Advocate Blog




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