Triumph Campaigns Is Out With Its September Poll…

…and it does not show the movement for Scott Angelle that the much-ballyhooed Verne Kennedy polls show. In fact, the governor’s race continues to be highly static according to Triumph’s numbers…

Governor’s Race: Sorry to sound like a broken record, but overall, the ballot for Governor has not changed much. If the election for Governor was held today, it would be a Vitter (30.6%)/Edwards (31.4%) run‐off. Dardenne (13.2%) and Angelle (14.2%) are running a distant 3rd and 4th. Only 10.6% remain undecided.

However, it does appear the both front runners are beginning to solidify key blocks. Edwards is beginning to galvanize the African‐American vote. The previous August survey had him polling 64% among African‐American voters. The current survey has him polling 74%.

Vitter maintains a distant and consistent lead among white voters. He leads all challengers by at least 23 points among whites. Among Republican voters, Vitter is showing a 4 point jump over the previous survey, from 51% to 55%.

Triumph also polled a couple of down-ballot races, and came up with some unsurprising numbers as well…

The race for Lt. Governor is shaping up to be a 3 way race between Kip Holden, John Young and Billy Nungesser. Holden leads with 31%, followed by Young (25%) and Nungesser (24%). Holden is strong among African‐Americans (72%). Young trails Nungesser in Lafayette, Lake Charles and Alexandria, but makes up the difference with a 12 point lead in the New Orleans media market.

The race for Commissioner of Insurance has Jim Donelon holding at the 50% mark, with the Democrat, Charlotte McGehee polling 31%. Donelon’s only announced GOP challenger is polling 9%.

The Hayride/MarblePort poll, the results of which have tracked similarly to Triumph’s results since both polls began in the spring, should be available tomorrow.



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