How Lafayette Parish Became A ‘Sanctuary City’ And How This Sheriff Candidate May Have Profited Off Illegal Immigrants

Lafayette Parish did not just apparently become a ‘sanctuary city’ for illegal immigrants overnight.

Last week, the Hayride exposed Lafayette Parish for being a sanctuary city, a safe-haven for illegal immigrants where they can go without being deported, as the area now joins New Orleans on a national list of areas that house illegal immigrants.

It seems Lafayette Parish’s current and outgoing Sheriff Mike Neustrom has been influential in turning the parish into a sanctuary city.

City Marshal Brian Pope said Neustrom’s policies does not allow the Lafayette’s “Marshal’s office or any other law enforcement agency to arrest and book anyone accused of misdemeanor crimes, including illegal immigrants.”

Therefore, Pope said the Marshal’s office has 1,000 outstanding warrants for illegal immigrants.

Of course, the Lafayette officials with the Sheriff’s Office said Pope’s claims are not true, saying that if anyone in the parish violates state statutes, they are accepted into the parish prison.

Additionally, Lafayette Parish Sheriff candidate Mark Garber may have actually promoted illegal immigration in Honduras, only to personally profit off illegals in the area later on.

Pope also is claiming that Garber, who is a Workmen’s Compensation lawyer, went to Honduras and told residents how to come to Louisiana illegally and stay illegally.

Here’s the full interview Garber gave in Honduras:

Question: In Spanish
Garber Answer: “United States Immigration law is in a state of change, and it has nothing to do with your rights as an injured worker.”
Question: In Spanish
Garber Answer: “As a human being, you have rights according to our Constitution, and those rights are your rights in the State of Louisiana.”
Question: In Spanish
Garber Answer: “That’s what I’m here trying to do, is to get the word out and tell people — you need to seek help of an Attorney if you’re hurt at work and seek it very very quickly. Because they have rights and most people don’t realize they have rights.”
Question: In Spanish
Garber Answer: “Number one: Truthfully report the accident to the doctors at the hospital.”
Question: In Spanish
Garber Answer: “Number two: Call an Attorney, a qualified Attorney who will assist you with your work injury rights.”
Question: In Spanish
Garber Answer: “Number three: No use of illegal drugs, and don’t be afraid of being deported.”
Question: In Spanish
Garber Answer: “You will not be deported because you assert your rights under Workmen’s Compensation law.”

And this is what Pope had to say about it:

“Making your living as a Workmen’s Compensation lawyer who specializes in Spanish-speaking clients is one thing, but to actually travel to Central America and do a television interview to ‘get the word out’ that illegal immigrants can come to Louisiana, and file worker’s compensation claims without fear of being deported is entirely another. It’s irresponsible.”

“Imagine. A candidate for Sheriff of Lafayette Parish, actually filing worker’s compensation claims for illegal immigrants, while protecting them from deportation. That’s just shocking. Flying to Honduras to drum up business? Disgusting.”

Garber, though, is saying that Pope took his interview out of context, saying that it was a response to what rights immigrant workers have if they are killed on the job.

Interestingly enough, Garber has been endorsed by Sheriff Neustrom, the very sheriff who allegedly turned the entire parish into a sanctuary city.

Regardless, the fact remains that Lafayette Parish is certified as a sanctuary city for failing to take action against illegal immigrants in 2014.

Read more on this developing issue in our latest story HERE.



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