Now The Media Is Trying To Claim That Lafayette Is Not A Sanctuary City For Illegal Immigrants

Apparently, sanctuary cities are a “myth,” according to the City of Scott Times, a small news organization in Lafayette Parish.

Try explaining that to the parents of Kate Steinle who was killed by a violent illegal immigrant after the city of San Francisco, a sanctuary city, refused to do anything about the illegal.

The Scott Times claims that it took a “hard look at the facts and figures” when examining the Hayride‘s expose of Lafayette being a sanctuary city, an area which harbors suspected illegal immigrants.

Their conclusion is that contrary to the Washington Post, Boston Globe and every other liberal media outlet, sanctuary cities do not actually exist.

The Scott Times makes this assertion under the idea that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainers, which ask that local authorities detain a suspected illegal immigrant, are voluntary.

Of course they are voluntary, but they’re also orders coming from the experts on immigration problems. Therefore, the fact that Lafayette Parish willingly ignored two ICE detainers makes it a sanctuary city because, as the facts show, when local authorities ignore ICE requests, they usually end up being proven wrong, all while putting the public at risk.

Take for instance, sanctuary cities across the country refused 8,811 requests by ICE to hold illegal immigrants in local police custody, according to analysis by Sen. Chuck Grassley.

From those requests, a whopping 62 percent of them were for illegal immigrants who had committed previous crimes. About 1,900 illegal immigrants who were released by local authorities in sanctuary cities were later re-arrested for another crime.

Lafayette Parish is on the national list of sanctuary cities because local authorities in the parish refused to honor ICE detainers in 2014, potentially leading to the freeing of suspected illegal immigrants.

The Scott Times goes on to claim that the Center for Immigration Studies has ties to “hate groups.” Basically, that’s code for, ‘The Center for Immigration Studies has ties to Christian-based organizations.’

We applaud the Scott Times for acknowledging the issue, as no Lafayette media outlets has reported on the area being a sanctuary city.

However, the facts stand: Lafayette Parish is a sanctuary city. No twisting of the facts can change this.



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