That NRA Foundation Ad Starring Dana Loesch Is Just About The Most Beautiful Thing You’ll Ever See

Dana Loesch, author of Hands Off My Gun: Defeating the Plot to Disarm America and a talk show host at TheBlaze TV, is easy on the eyes – so any ad with her in it will start off with a certain amount of aesthetic value.

But this ad has more than just a pretty face. Everything about it is powerful, clear and attractive.

The NRA Foundation ads have all been good. They all evoke a quintessential American spirit and give off strong, no-nonsense messaging, they’re all beautifully shot and well-written, and they all stir emotions.

But the Dana Loesch one is the best. The line about how if a mom puts a gun in a thug’s face when he invades her home and sends him fleeing for his life nobody knows anything about it but if he kills her the cameras will be there before the police is sensational.

The Democrats, and their presumptive nominee, have made it a point to demonize and marginalize the National Rifle Association while actually proposing an Australian-style gun confiscation as national policy. This is a colossal mistake. You don’t want to run Hillary Clinton against Dana Loesch.



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