The Low Popahirum, October 14, 2015


Hillary Clinton was seen to help stabilize her faltering campaign Tuesday night with a debate performance that left little doubt she has a solid grip on the Democratic presidential race — and may have sent a strong message to Joe Biden that time is running out if he envisions jumping in.” – Fox News

“Supporters of Hillary Clinton were eager to capitalize on what they saw as the first major victory of her campaign Tuesday night after the wounded front runner delivered a strong debate performance just a week before an even tougher test — her testimony before the House committee investigating her use of a private email server.” – Politico

Even the massive Republican presidential field isn’t enough to contain Donald Trump, the billionaire businessman who on Tuesday inserted himself into Democrats’ race as well by live-tweeting their first presidential debate.” – Washington Times

It should be of interest to every American when the second person in line to the Presidency resigns his position. And contrary to what most contend was the impetus behind Speaker John Boehner’s resignation both from the Speakership and from Congress, he may not have been at ideological odds with a faction of his party members in the House, but at tactical odds with them. This realization makes for some potent lessons that should not be lost on the GOP, especially congressional leadership, in the wake of this historical event.” – Conservative Daily News

“Hillary Rodham Clinton revised history in the Democratic debate when insisting she’s not a flip-flopper on a trade deal she promoted as secretary of state but turned against as a presidential candidate.” –The Blaze

“While Tuesday night’s CNN political debate was intended as an opportunity for one of the Democrat Party presidential hopefuls to separate him or herself from the rest of the pack, the best line of the night came from a man who was not even in the room with the debaters nor in the same party.” – Breitbart

“He kept the trains running on time. He forced the candidates to answer questions they otherwise did not want to answer. He pushed on gun control; he pushed on Clinton’s emails; he held his ground against an audience even against him. Anderson Cooper won the debate, but he is not running for President.” – Red State

Not so much a bad poll for Trump as a great poll for Carson. This is also the third time in the last four national polls taken in which he’s cracked 20 percent, putting him right on Trump’s heels.” – Hot Air

“It’s deja screwed all over again.” – Michelle Malkin/Town Hall

Bernie Sanders to the rescue! He literally (well, kind of) rescued Andrea Mitchell last night when she was knocked down by a scrum of reporters trying to interview the socialist from Vermont after last night’s debate. Check it out:” – Twitchy



“Two former Mamou police chiefs have pleaded guilty to tasing non-resistant inmates at the Mamou Jail.” –

“Just as hurricane season winds down, there’s another dangerous season ramping up. The flu virus is already spreading in the Baton Rouge area, and five minutes this fall could save you five days of misery this winter.” –

“Louisiana’s Republican candidates for governor aren’t the only ones with super PACs funded by outside interest groups. State Rep. John Bel Edwards, the only major Democrat in the Oct. 24 primary, apparently has a super PAC too.” –

The Southern University Marching Band made a big show Monday afternoon not on the field but in early voting.” –

“New Orleans Saints veterans and coach Sean Payton appear committed to putting a brave face on a 1-4 start that has the Saints a lot closer to irrelevance than anything else.” –

“Terri Turner and Frannie Charlene Fisher were warned multiple times by the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office to take better care of more than 20 dogs and 20 cats living on the property in the 14000 block of Wilson Magee Road in Bogalusa, Louisiana, according to a news release from the Humane Society.” –

“Five Louisiana parishes are among the 20 counties in the country with the highest Medicare per capita spending in the country.” –

“An investigation, dubbed “Operation Who’s Next,” targeted 50 suspected street level dealers on the west bank of Plaquemines Parish.” –

“Florida defensive tackle Jonathan Bullard has confidence in his unit, and that’s liable to fire up the Tigers and LSU running back Leonard Fournette – the Heisman Trophy frontrunner by a wide margin who’s rolled up seven straight games of at least 100 rushing yards.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate Bogs




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