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My American Spectator column on last night’s Democrat debate is here

Ever heard the phrase “dance of the lemons”? It’s a term invented to describe the rather distasteful annual spectacle within public education wherein failed unionized teachers who cannot be fired by a public school system are merely shuffled from one bad school to another each summer.

In a different context, that phrase could also be applied to the collection of retreads, failures, and kooks assembled on stage in a Las Vegas casino ballroom Tuesday night in front of the CNN cameras for the first Democrat debate. The privileged, tenured, and thoroughly talentless politicians on display by that party gave us a two-and-a-half-hour demonstration of just how hollowed-out the Democrats are after seven years of Barack Obama, and made a prophet of Donald Trump who suggested most of America wouldn’t last more than 10 minutes in watching them.

Seven lowlights followed. Read the whole thing and you’ll see them.

But in short, outside of Jim Webb, who looked like he was in the wrong place, it was two and a half hours of clown politicians promising free stuff to morons. It looked like something you’d expect in some low-rent European socialist country, not the United States of America. But that’s where the Democrats are.

Bernie Sanders, who his Cuban-style socialism aside is peculiar for his Gothic Horror-style appearance, was apparently the fan favorite at the debate. As the RNC noted in the e-mail wrapup it blasted out last night…

That is, of course, ridiculous. Sanders gave away any shot he had at the nomination by conceding the one issue that would make him truly competitive with her; namely, her e-mails. That the Democrat hooples liked him is really only indicative of how Hard Left and socialistic they’ve become.

Clinton won the debate, which is not to say she did well. She didn’t. She said a multitude of stupid things which against a decent field would likely have resulted in disaster last night, but against that collection of powder puff opponents she looked like she knew what she was doing.

Joe Biden should have already gotten into this race, and he should be getting in by the end of this week.



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