The Low Popahirum, October 22, 2015


“The House Benghazi Committee deteriorated into a partisan shouting match between Chairman Trey Gowdy and ranking member Elijah Cummings on Thursday, leaving Hillary Clinton to lean back and smile as the two lawmakers traded blows.” – Politico

CNN’s most dishonest anchorman, the left-wing Chris Cuomo, was so eager to protect Hillary Clinton, he has been caught  telling no fewer than three lies while interviewing Benghazi committee member Republican Congresswoman Rep. Martha Roby (R-AL) 49% earlier this week. Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw  did the yeoman’s working of breaking Cuomo’s lies down. Be sure to check out his in-depth analysis.” – Breitbart

Famed neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson has opened up a significant lead over billionaire businessman Donald Trump in a new Republican presidential poll out of Iowa.” – The Blaze

On three separate nights this month, vandals irreparably damaged the smiling Ronald McDonald statue that sat outside the Ronald McDonald House in Burlington, Vermont.” – Red State

“After Paul Ryan helped Mitt Romney lose the 2012 election by doing the impossible — losing a debate to Joe Biden — he went on an intimate tour of poverty. It was a journey so personal, Ryan brought reporters, writers and documentary producers with him.” – Town Hall

“I guess their little “we’re supporting Ryan, not endorsing him” gambit didn’t work.” – Hot Air

“House Republicans on Thursday plan on using an unexpected approach to questioning former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton at the much-anticipated hearing of the special congressional committee investigating the 2012 Benghazi terror attacks.” – Washington Times

“A satellite mapping company is hoping to focus the power of web-surfing couch potatoes around the world on the cruel African warlords who traffic in child slaves.” – Fox News

One of the big moments to come out of today’s hearing was when Hillary Clinton admitted that Sidney Blumenthal had her private email while her good friend Ambassador Stevens — who was in harm’s way in Libya — did not:” – Twitchy

“The Los Angeles Dodgers and manager Don Mattingly have mutually agreed to part ways, the team announced Thursday.” –


In the attack-heavy race for Louisiana attorney general, the focus is squarely on Republican incumbent Buddy Caldwell.” – Daily Journal

Rapides Republican Party Endorses Jeff Landry for Attorney General” – Chad Rogers/The Dead Pelican

“Quite a furor is brewing over what happened to a group of LSU fans visiting Destin, Florida over this past weekend. Tiger Droppings is the first to shine a spotlight on this mess.” –

An announcement by two large companies at the Port of Iberia is expected to make a big impact on the South Louisiana economy. The announcement made by Iberia Industrial Development Foundation President Mike Tarantino suggests that several hundred new jobs could be created by new projects at the port.” –

“Today is the last day to register to vote in a possible run-off election for Louisiana governor.” –

Business leaders say it just makes sense to brand Baton Rouge and New Orleans as one big metropolitan area. They say that will put more eyes on the region and bring in more business as well as jobs.” –

Three of the major candidates for governor agreed during a televised debate Wednesday that the state should re-evaluate tax credits and remove restrictions on the budget to shore up Louisiana’s fiscal future.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate

A new report finds the Calcasieu Ship Channel generates $5.7 billion in local revenue and is projected to produce $4.4 billion more by 2023.” –

“When it comes to the future of public school policy in Louisiana, the political math gets complicated and party lines blur.” – Washington Times

Louisiana leads the nation in spending on TV political ads this year, as candidates and outside political groups devote millions mainly to the competition for governor.” –



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