A Few New Orleans Illegal Immigrants Starved Themselves And The Washington Post Made It Into A Huge Deal

Apparently when illegal immigrants fast to make a point that they do not want to be deported, the Washington Post thinks it is breaking news.

A few weeks ago, the Washington Post reported on nine illegal immigrants protested outside of a New Orleans appellate court, demanding that they not be deported. Of course, the Post referred to the illegals as “activists.”

Here’s an excerpt of the ridiculousness:

Nine immigrant activists, including a mechanic and a house cleaner from suburban Maryland, began a nine-day fast Wednesday outside an appeals court in New Orleans to demand that the judges rule on a case that offered potential deportation relief to millions of illegal immigrants.

The fast, sponsored by two immigrant rights organizations, is intended to prod the court into acting on a legal challenge to President Obama’s deportation relief plan of a year ago. The challenge by officials in 26 states stopped the new policy from moving ahead, even as immigrant advocates and foreign consulates across the country were preparing to help undocumented people apply for the relief.

The WaPo goes onto to include a quote for an “immigration activist” in which the organizer claims immigration policies are trying to rip families apart in the country by threatening deportation.

Continuing, the article went on to describe just how allegedly hard it is for illegal immigrants. Yet, one of the illegals interviewed admitted that she was allowed to travel across the country on a plane despite being illegal.

Wow, “living in the shadows” sounds awful.

In areas like New Orleans and Lafayette Parish, illegal immigrants are more than protected because both serve as ‘sanctuary cities,’ which harbor illegal immigrants and ignore immigration officials’ requests.

Despite attempts by the Lafayette media to discredit the Hayride‘s reporting on Lafayette being a sanctuary city, it is still a fact that the parish is on a national list of sanctuary cities across the country.



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