ALEXANDER: John Bel Edwards And The Art Of Sanctimony

Editor’s Note: A guest post from Leslie Alexander

It seemed like a plan: Attack a politician on the basis that he is an abject moral failure, not fit to serve.

But something stinks in the attacks of John Bel Edwards on the character of Senator David Vitter.

It smells like hypocrisy.

Vitter admitted to a “serious sin” nine years ago, a transgression he had revealed to his family years before its public disclosure. He accepted responsibility, made no excuses. He asked forgiveness from God and his constituents.

Vitter returned to the United States Senate to fight for the principles for which he had been elected. He fought hard, leading the charge against amnesty for illegals, Obamacare, congressional privilege and abuse of taxpayer money. He was always accessible. He had more town hall meetings than any ten senators combined. He didn’t just talk–he backed it up. He never forgot who elected him. He did what he was hired to do.

After the tea party eruption, when many politicians were mocking their crazy, half-baked constituents, Vitter took them seriously. He listened. He is still listening.

Along comes John Bel Edwards, whose central campaign issue is that he, himself, is a moral person and Vitter is not.

Edwards’ self-righteousness is meant to obscure one cold fact: He is stuck like glue to the Democrat party–the greatest purveyor of evil in modern times.

Obama Democrats watched the national debt rise to 20 trillion dollars and yawned. Their economic policies have destroyed the labor force, throwing millions into poverty and despair. They have endangered national security by pushing mass immigration. They rammed through a national health care system that has caused untold suffering. They watched the Veterans Administration collapse–vets dying, waiting for care–and did nothing. They learned of Planned Parenthood’s butchery of small children–for profit–and did nothing. Islamic savages across the world maim, torture and murder. Still, they do nothing.

Against this backdrop of willful negligence, John Bel Edwards stood proudly beside Obama and his cohorts. For seven years, Edwards pledged allegiance to the Obama flag as his country crashed and burned. Never once did he utter a word of disagreement. Never once did he take a stand for truth, decency or American values.

And just days ago, we learn Edwards skipped a Family Forum event to visit an adult men’s club, featuring half-naked women in sexually provocative poses.

And Edwards believes he has the moral authority to condemn another man.

Edwards has elevated sanctimony to high art. But he may have forgotten a few things.

Louisiana folks are pretty basic, in all the right ways. They’ll take an honest sinner over a lying “saint.” They don’t care much for the judging kind. They know in their hearts that “there but for the grace of God go I.”

A lot of folks can forgive a man if he’s sorry, if he looks them straight in the eye and admits he’s wrong.

Vitter did.

Others are still saluting the Obama flag.



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