BREAKING: Bobby Jindal Drops Out Of The Presidential Race

Bobby Jindal ended his presidential campaign today. He said “it’s not my time” on Fox News’s “Special Report.”

Jindal has struggled to get traction throughout the race. He never made any of the main debates, but he was showing some strength for a time in Iowa. But even in the Hawkeye State, he was slipping. Jindal was at 3.3% in Iowa according to the Real Clear Politics polling average. What was killing him in the state was that Ted Cruz was beginning to make his move in the state and it’s expect either him or Ben Carson will get the bulk of Jindal’s supporters.

What killed Jindal was many things. First of all, he couldn’t raise money. In the last fundraising quarter, his campaign only raised $1.1 million.

Secondly, Jindal was running as a religious conservative in a very crowded field and got muscled out. Why would a Christian conservative vote for Jindal when they had the choice of a Ted Cruz or a Ben Carson?

Third, Jindal really didn’t have a message except for trolling people. In the last kids table debate, Jindal tried to go after Chris Christie and Christie just obliterated him.

Finally, what really strangled Jindal from the beginning was Louisiana. He had a rough session this year in the legislature and his popularity has gone down to nothing. Some polls indicate that Jindal is hurting the entire GOP brand this year and is weighing down on David Vitter. This is despite the fact Jindal and Vitter hate each other. Other polls showed Jindal badly losing the general election to Hillary Clinton here in Louisiana.

Jindal did not have much of a record to run on, compared to say a Scott Walker, but even that wasn’t enough for Walker. Jindal’s biggest accomplishments were tax cuts and reforming the state’s healthcare system, but it was offset by cuts in higher education and the perception that Louisiana was poorly run in general.

When Donald Trump entered the race, he pretty much closed both the populist door and the competent manager door that Jindal was hoping to exploit. Trump’s personality sucked the air out of the GOP room and Jindal was one its victims.

When Cruz started making his Iowa move, that pretty much nailed Jindal’s coffin shut.



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