Buddy Caldwell Pretends To Be A Democrat In A New Mailer

You can think of it as Buddy Caldwell has finally gone home. The pusher of the “Buddy system” which is the enrichment racket that his trial lawyer buddies have used is now pandering to Democrats. Caldwell, who switched to the GOP in 2011, is sending this direct mail out to Democrat voters.

The mailer is most likely targeted to black voters because it includes all the usual Democrat dog whistles such as “disrespect.” Not only is Caldwell lying about his party affiliation, but he’s playing the race card against Jeff Landry. That’s a bit of a tough sell though considering that Democrat AG candidate Geri Baloney, who is also black, endorsed Landry.

We’re not sure how wise it is to attach your campaign to St. John Bel’s coattails. After all, St. John Bel’s campaign is imploding. But this is the only play that Buddy Caldwell has left.

Caldwell’s long, corrupt career as a undistinguished bully with an office is likely to come to an end on Saturday night. We can’t think of a more fitting end than by trying to lie to Louisiana voters just one last time.

Exit question: don’t all the “conservatives” who endorsed Caldwell look foolish right now?



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