LOGA Puts Out A Statement Laying Waste To John Bel Edwards

They’re not playing around. They really, really don’t have much use for him.

Baton Rouge, LA-This week, John Bel Edwards released a commercial touting his support for the oil and gas industry. While job training and the completion of I-49 are his generic initiatives for the oil and gas industry, the bigger picture of his alleged support of the industry must be addressed.

President of LOGA, Don Briggs, stated, “As we go to the polls this Saturday, November 21st, it is crucial that we know which candidate truly supports our industry. Mr. Edwards bought an ad using images of California based oilrigs while claiming support of Louisiana’s oil and gas industry. This fact alone shows his out-of-touch relationship with our industry and what sincerely supporting oil and gas means to our state.”

Briggs continued by saying, “During his time as a state representative, Mr. Edwards had an 8% voting record with our association and the bills that we have supported. He has voted for higher taxes, he supports the coastal and parish lawsuits filed against dozens of our companies, and he has said in public that he sees no need for tort reform. Higher taxes, egregious lawsuits, and a litigious legal climate each discourage job growth from our industry. So while his ad says that he will stand up for our industry’s jobs and families, his voting record and his support say just the opposite.”

LOGA’s statement isn’t the only black eye on Edwards where oil and gas is concerned in the last 24 hours. Yesterday, BuzzFeed had a funny story about that commercial and the images displayed in it noting that John Bel wasn’t exactly supporting Louisiana’s oil and gas industry in his Louisiana oil and gas ad…

John Bel Edwards, the Democratic candidate for governor of Louisiana, is currently running an ad touting his support for his state’s oil and gas industry. The ad, however, features video of drilling in… California.

This shot of an oil rig…

…is this “aerial shot of off shore oil platforms”…

…in Southern California.

It’s not all that hard to find images of Louisiana’s offshore oil industry. Heck, one would figure that if Edwards had asked, LOGA might have shared one to him.

The word on the street is that there are two markets in Louisiana which are as of today standing in the way of an Edwards loss, according to internal polling, with the others showing results similar to past major election cycles – Baton Rouge, which is perhaps the least dependent of the major cities in the state on oil and gas for its economy, and Lafayette, which is perhaps the most.

LOGA’s strong statement condemning Edwards’ record in the Legislature as negative where oil and gas is concerned could well begin to motivate the Lafayette voters to recognize he’s a problem for their city’s economic future rather than the solution.



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