The Hayride Is Preparing To File A Public Records Request With The Attorney General’s Office, Here’s What We’re Asking For

The Hayride has some questions for Attorney General Buddy Caldwell. We think our readers might be interested in the following questions:

Table of Organization Charts – Organization chart(s) sorted by Program, by Section to include Position Title, Salary, Employee Name and Position Number. This includes all employees, vacant positions, wage positions including Law Clerks and Students.

A complete list of all person(s) currently employed by the Office of the Attorney General, including all wage positions, law clerks and students. The list to be sorted by Organization Number and Last Name of employee. The list contains: First and Last Name, Job Title, Position Number, Organization Number and Current Salary.

A List by Program and Section of all attorneys and the number of “open” cases assigned to them as of October 26, 2015. The list to be sorted by Program, Last Name.

A report on James David Caldwell, III (AAG) detailing salary history beginning January 1, 2007 to present. Report to list any changes in title and salary, listing change dates and amounts.

A list by year of all K-Time earned by Program Directors and Executive staff beginning January 1, 2008 to present. Note dates and amounts of K-Time paid to employees.

A statistical report on the number of Litigation Program cases that were originally assigned to in-house attorneys/sections and re-assigned to contract attorneys within 30 days from the date opened.

A “Billable Hours” report from Contract Attorney Alan Usry for all contract work paid for by the La. Department of Justice. Sorted by contract, date, billable time increments, rates/hr, and billable codes.

We’ll see if the AG’s office will respond to The Hayride by election day. The people of Louisiana deserve answers to what’s going on under the “Buddy system.”



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