The Low Popahirum, November 11, 2015


“Happy Veterans Day, 2015!” – Hot Air

The Republican presidential candidates fighting to break out of the middle tier stepped up their game at Tuesday night’s prime-time debate, scrapping with their rivals over everything from Donald Trump’s deportation plan to the role of the U.S. military.” – Fox News

Tuesday night’s Republican debate in Milwaukee wasn’t as much a neat romp as the previous three – but it represented a vital team-building exercise for a party that seemed to be pulling itself apart at the raucous Oct. 28th CNBC scrum.” – Politico

“Fox Business gave the debate all the other networks should have given, including the first Fox News debate. It was not flashy. But it was substantive. It was not just that the candidates had more time or that there were less candidates. The moderators did a good job of drawing out policy differences without intentionally setting up fights. They just happened naturally.” – Erick Erickson/Red State

Top Quotes from the Fourth Republican Presidential Debate” – Townhall

The prime-time debate between eight top Republican presidential candidates had few memorable moments and did little to re-order the race. But Fox Business breathed new life into the undercard debate with the inclusion of Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee. And in that debate, a particularly contentious series of confrontations initiated by another undercard candidate, Bobby Jindal, made for the evening’s most revealing discussion, on the division between strongly conservative GOP voters and so-called big-government Republicans.” – Washington Examiner

“A group of Cornell researchers teamed up to simulate what would really happen during a hypothetical zombie outbreak. Spoiler: New York City would be toast.” – Business Insider

At thirty-four, Feng Zhang is the youngest member of the core faculty at the Broad Institute of Harvard and M.I.T. He is also among the most accomplished. In 1999, while still a high-school student, in Des Moines, Zhang found a structural protein capable of preventing retroviruses like H.I.V. from infecting human cells. The project earned him third place in the Intel Science Talent Search, and he applied the fifty thousand dollars in prize money toward tuition at Harvard, where he studied chemistry and physics. By the time he received his doctorate, from Stanford, in 2009, he had shifted gears, helping to create optogenetics, a powerful new discipline that enables scientists to use light to study the behavior of individual neurons.” – The New Yorker

Ann Coulter’s new ‘Adios, America’ has been causing a stir over her provocative interview with Fusion’s Jorge Ramos.” – The Blaze

GOP Candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 80% continued his theme during the GOP debate Tuesday that the United States is in global competition yet is unprepared to engage in it, in part because the nation’s higher education system is outdated.” – Breitbart




Perhaps Republican Sen. David Vitter in retrospect will regret not trying harder to attend more televised debates earlier in the gubernatorial campaign from the way he mopped the floor with Democrat state Rep. John Bel Edwards in the first of two runoff debates for the office.” – Jeff Sadow Blog

Ed Lewis has a Harley-Davidson motorcycle with one of the most inspiring paint jobs you’ve ever seen.  The images show everything from Americans in combat situations to  the names of Louisiana troops on the Vietnam War Memorial wall in Washington, DC.” –

Allen Toussaint was a triple threat — songwriter, producer, performer and so much more.” –

Drew Brees came out to Lakeside mall Monday to meet with his fans for his ‘Success beyond the game campaign’ with HUGO BOSS fragrances. Brees touched upon how unique it is to have fans that he interacts with daily.” –

Democrat John Bel Edwards and Republican David Vitter ripped into each other’s records and challenged each other’s integrity in the first televised debate of the runoff campaign.” – Daily Journal

With five days remaining in Louisiana’s legislative session, the state Senate approved a deal removing an exemption that for the past six years essentially kept most government records out of the public’s hands.” – Public Integrity 

The horrific police shooting of an autistic boy in Louisiana might have stemmed from a feud over a woman — and police are now investigating if bad blood brought on the boy’s bloody demise.” – New York Daily News

A strongly worded report was released Monday by the Legislative auditor regarding the Iberville Parish assessor. ” –

“During LSU’s loss to Alabama, as he battled some of the nation’s best defensive tackles, fought to block the country’s best linebackers and attempted to protect his quarterback from the league’s fastest defensive ends, Will Clapp felt like many LSU fans watching on television.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate




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