The Low Popahirum, November 9, 2015


“A faculty group at the University of Missouri called for professors and other staff to walk out of classes Monday and Tuesday in the latest protest against the university president’s handling of a series of racially charged incidents.” – Fox News

President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met for the first time in more than a year on Monday, hoping to move beyond their differences on the Iran nuclear deal to address how to further fortify Israel against spreading violence in the Middle East.” –Politico

The sports media – who are uniformly worse at their jobs and more sickeningly liberal than their news media counterparts – have been breathlessly reporting on the fact that thirty black Mizzou football players are allegedly going on strike over racism on campus. This is being presented as an act of courage likely to foster social change, rather than as the act of lazy cowardice that it is.” – Red State

On Friday, conservative Twitter exploded over an interview on CNN’s This Morning in which Dr. Ben Carson was subjected to persistent questioning over the stories of his ostensibly violent youth. Later in the day, Politico ran a piece that has since exploded in their face over the question of Carson’s West Point nomination. This caps a bad week for Carson, and all of it is because he doesn’t understand the rules of the media game.” – IJ Review

The Fix has said this before and will say it again. This time with emphasis.” – Washington Post

Democrats lean heavily on young voters to win elections, but their leading candidates for the White House are 68-year-old Hillary Clinton and 74-year-old Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).” – The Hill

“The presidential candidates who gained the most traction from the latest Republican debate are a pair of 44-year-old Cuban-Americans who are first-term U.S. senators.” –

Ben Carson criticized Donald Trump this morning for jumping on the bandwagon to criticize him over perceived inconsistencies in his life story.” –

It’s time for a new approach to dealing with the scandal plagued offices of the Internal Revenue Service. It’s become obvious by this point that you can’t fire anyone. And until there’s a change in personnel at the highest levels in the Justice Department you can’t prosecute anyone either. Despite plenty of lip service by everyone from Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton, it would seem that it’s just going to be business as usual at the tax collector’s office and they can essentially thumb their noses at us.” – Hot Air

“The stabbing occurred in the Jewish community of Beitar Illit in the West Bank, when an Israeli security guard at the town’s entrance was apparently checking the identity card of a Palestinian woman trying to enter.” – The Blaze


“As we get closer to the runoff, candidates for Louisiana governor are not holding back the punches. The Vitter campaign alleges Edwards’ latest commercial is a defense department violation.” –

Louisiana Congressmen Ralph Abraham of Alto and Cedric Richmond of New Orleans introduce a bill which tries to prevent death of high school football players. Abraham says the bill will require the CDC to ask for input from parents, coaches, athletic trainers and other health care professionals to discover new methods to prevent future serious injuries or death.” –

Monday, family and friends will say their final goodbyes to a young boy killed during a police pursuit while the officers accused in his death will face a judge.” –

Police have detained six people in northern Mexico in connection with the killing of the father and brother of movie director Alejandro Monteverde, who is married to actress and former Miss USA Ali Landry.”  –

A Jefferson Parish school will be forced to close its doors early this week because of electrical issues.” –

I can’t think of anything more horrifying for a parent to see. Their child lying motionless on a football field while paramedics and doctors work feverishly to save their life. Unfortunately it’s happened too many times during this high school season of 2015. That is why two Louisiana Congressmen, Ralph Abraham and Cedric Richmond, intend to introduce a bill that might curb the epidemic of fatal football across the country.” –

The two candidates in the state Senate District 12 race will participate in a debate Tuesday night at 6 p.m. at Bogalusa City Hall.” –

Gary David works for C&S Well Service—his family’s business in Grosse Tete that was established more than 30 years ago—and he’s having a rough year.” –

The gloves are off in the runoff for Louisiana’s next governor. An explosive new political ad from the John Bel Edwards campaign will hit the airwaves Saturday during the LSU-Alabama football game.” –

Film Room: Alabama 30, LSU 16″ – The Advocate Blogs




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