BAYHAM: The Pharisee And The Republican

Shortly after the gubernatorial primary, Democrat John Bel Edwards ran an advertisement on television complaining about the negative attacks he was going to be subjected to by David Vitter in the runoff.

Less than two weeks later it was Edwards himself lowering the bar by airing a campaign ad that is vile and misleading even by Louisiana political standards.

Edwards’s commercial accused Vitter of choosing prostitutes over patriots for missing a vote on a congressional resolution honoring servicemen who had died ten years before during an Iraqi scud missile attack on a Dhahran army barracks in Desert Storm . The connection Edwards tries to make is that there is a phone record showing that Vitter had taken a call from a prostitute that day.

The resolution passed 395-0, though more than three dozen house members were also not present for the vote.

Prior to the adoption of that measure, the US House of Representatives approved resolutions honoring the late Dale Earnhardt and Dr. Valerie Height. Legislative chambers regularly pass resolutions similar to these without great fanfare to put such memorials into the official record.

Edwards’s crass exploitation of the deaths of American soldiers to smear Vitter in a state election and his hypocrisy about ugly attack advertisements speak volumes about what lengths the Democrats will go to win and their absolute lack of sincerity.

And it is truly remarkable how Democrats have all of a sudden become so obsessed with the sex lives of politicians.

Between the Ashley Madison radio ads targeting a handful of Republican officials to the constant carping concerning Vitter’s self-admitted serious sin, Louisiana Democrats would give Jerry Falwell a run for his money in public sanctimony this campaign cycle.

When did the Democratic Party of Edwin Edwards and Bill Clinton become so holier than thou?

Did Edwards or his aligned leftist super PACs have a problem with the way Clinton conducted himself with a staffer who was 27-years younger in a government office?

Perhaps the Democrats would like to parse the differences between a john patronizing an escort service and someone in the highest position of power engaging in a sex act with a subordinate in a work environment? In the non-political world, the latter is generally handled by terminating the executive and paying a princely settlement to the employee.

Has anyone in the media thought to ask the Democratic gubernatorial candidate how his opinion of Clinton’s conduct square with his obsessive attacks on Vitter’s behavior?

Also if Edwards thinks Vitter’s sin is so terrible, then why does he keep broadcasting it across the airwaves, doubtlessly causing tremendous distress and emotional anguish to the senator’s wife and children.

Does Mr. West Point “Honor Code” believe it is acceptable to engage in character assassination by hand grenade or is Vitter’s family acceptable collateral damage in Edwards’s campaign of personal destruction?

There’s a reason why Edwards does not want this election to be decided on political issues that separate him from Vitter, hence when it comes to Edwards and the Democratic front groups it’s “all whores, all the time”.

Back in 2007, Vitter admitted that he strained his marriage prior to his election to the US Senate and sought forgiveness from God and his family. In 2010 he was re-elected handily.  The Vitter scandal is old news though those seeking to destroy him are throwing in some details here and there to somehow make the story relevant a decade later.

Vitter is going to one day answer to an authority higher than the voters of Louisiana for the personal mistakes he made over ten years ago.

John Bel Edwards might find himself standing right behind his Republican opponent in the divine accountability line for how he callously inflicted pain on Vitter’s family just to win an election.



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