BACKLASH: Confederacy Group Suing City Of Natchitoches For Banning The Confederate Flag

After Mayor Lee Posey of Natchitoches banned the Confederate flag from the city’s Christmas parade, a group commemorating Confederate soldiers is now suing the city.

Essentially, a group of politically correct residents of Natchitoches voiced opposition to the flag, and therefore Posey caved on the issue. But, in the process, the mayor has upset a slew of parade-goers and organizations scheduled to participate in the Christmas festival.

Now, the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), who have participated in the parade for more than 20 years, are outraged by Posey’s decision and said they are now seeking legal action against the city.

“Sent letters to individuals in Natchitoches. The mayor, the city attorney and two gentleman that are in charge of the parade committee,” said Lt. Commander-In-Chief Paul Gramling.

Gramling reports those letters stated they’re suing the city for two constitutional violations.

“Of course, the 1st Amendment. Freedom of speech. Freedom of expression,” he said. “The 14th Amendment is protection, equal protection under the law which we deem we do not have.”

Apparently, Posey tried to compromise with SCV, asking that they use any other flag but the Confederate flag. However, that request did not sit well with SVC and they instead rescinded their participating from the parade.

A representative for SVC previously told WWL that Posey was caving into a group of concerned citizens, saying “political correctness wins the day.”

The SVC said the city of Many, Louisiana has invited them to participate in their Christmas parade with the Confederate flag accompanying them.

Mayor Posey and other Natchitoches city officials have not responded to comment requests by the media.




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