In A City With No Money To Spare, Mitch Landrieu Plans To Spend Over $60 Million On ‘Resiliency’

If any city in the state is known for not having a dime to spare, it is New Orleans.

Whether it be New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) not having competitive pay, broken-down fire trucks for New Orleans’ Fire Department (NOFD) or not enough money to pay-back retired firefighters, the city has become known for it’s broke-ness.

But, apparently, Mayor Mitch Landrieu does have a couple bucks to spare for “resiliency.” In a pledge yesterday, Landrieu said he would dedicate 10 percent or “at least $60 million” of the city’s municipal budget on “resiliency” goals, as put it.

Here’s what Landrieu said yesterday in a news release:

“A resilient city must not only be prepared to address the environmental challenges that the world is facing, but also the longstanding, generational issues around crime, education and income inequality so that no one is left behind,” Landrieu said in a 100 Resilient Cities news release. “New Orleans is making great strides in this regard with major investments in job creation and workforce development, public safety, risk management and green infrastructure. In signing the 10% Resilience Pledge, we are standing alongside global leaders and cities to demonstrate the urgency and viability of resilience-building.”

Apparently “resiliency” includes “Adapt to Thrive, Connect to Opportunity and Transform City Systems,” as the 100 Resilient Cities campaign puts it. The plan, though, is still not entirely known as far as what it will actually do.

What is known is that Landrieu’s resiliency plan is tied to a climate change summit in Paris, France, the same one that President Obama recently attended.

Landrieu is now on his way to the climate change summit in Paris to discuss the impact of climate change, as he has been focused on the issue for months now.

Meanwhile, New Orleans still faces a massive crime problem. Just recently, there was a mass shooting in the Upper Ninth Ward which left 17 people wounded.

Additionally, armed robberies are the fastest growing crime in the city and the murder rate is set to surpass last year’s. Violent crime, like in 2014, too, continues to rise.



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