John Bel Edwards Will Remove Requirements That Force Food Stamp Recipients To Work For A Living

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Though Governor-Elect John Bel Edwards (D-Amite) ran as a centrist and the Louisiana media promoted him as a ‘conservative Democrat,’ his policy positions are right in-line with the left-wing of the state’s Democratic Party.

Under a new regulation by current Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA), about 62,000 18-49 year old Louisiana Purchase card-holders (a glossy credit card for food stamps) would lose their benefits if they do not have at least a part-time job or in a job training program by Jan. 1.

But, after liberals continued to claim that the idea is “heartless” and offensive to ask welfare recipients to work, Edwards says he will revoke the plan when he is sworn into office in early January.

Edwards sent a letter today to the US Department of Agriculture which would grant a waiver to food stamp recipients under the pretense that the state’s unemployment rate qualifies it to not abide by the work mandate for welfare recipients.

Edwards has asked the USDA and the state’s social services departments to make sure that benefits to non-working food stamp recipients are not interrupted.



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