The “Make America Great Again” Parody Song

This video was put together by the Public Integrity Alliance, which is a conservative advocacy group out of Arizona playing in races around the country.

I don’t love this. It’s one thing to make fun of Donald Trump, who is a walking satire the only trouble making fun of whom is that he can outdo your parody by being himself. But it’s something else to make fun of Trump’s supporters – and that’s what this does.

The people who are for Trump are the people who made Ronald Reagan president twice, and they’re the people who made George W. Bush president twice (the first time by the slimmest of margins, the second time in what passes for a Republican rout these days). They tend not to have college degrees but they’re middle class people who see politicians as a collection of frauds, thieves and layabouts, a view which is generally correct, and they rightly see America is in decline.

What’s more, they also rightly see that America is in decline because there are too many people catching checks from the government and not enough doing work to generate those checks, and because the culture has become a sewer, and because political correctness makes it near impossible to speak plainly about life in this country – particularly if you’re the type of person who would consider voting for Donald Trump (if you’re the type of person who would consider voting for Bernie Sanders you can say whatever you want and any criticism of you gets branded as some form of bigotry or intolerance).

And these people, who are some 20-25 percent of the electorate if not maybe a little more, look around and don’t see anybody to represent them. They think Barack Obama is the enemy, while they liked Bill Clinton fine they think his wife is a crook and a sleazeball and a disaster, and they look at the standard GOP candidates as the usual collection of frauds, thieves and layabouts who have stood by and let the country go to hell in the first place. They might consider voting for Ted Cruz, if only because he has taken pains not to insult them by attacking Trump personally (and by extension attacking his supporters, who so “stupidly” chose to back him), but otherwise they’ve completely lost faith in the political process and the corruption it carries with it.

So for that they get Dwain The Mullet-Head essentially calling them rednecks and white trash. It’s funny, but there’s only so much of it you can take before you start realizing this is only going to irritate the Trump people and drive them further into his camp.

The reason Mitt Romney lost was that the people we’re talking about thought he was a typical big-money blue-blood snob from the country club who couldn’t care less about their problems. That wasn’t true, or at least it certainly wasn’t true in comparison to the open contempt with which Obama held them, but Romney and his campaign certainly didn’t make enough of an effort to connect with them.

And this doesn’t, either.



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