VIDEO: And Now, Burglars For Gun Control

This is funny, but it’s true.

Last night I was at an event in New Orleans, where violent crime is completely out of control and basically everybody is arming up like Armageddon is coming. There won’t be very many soft targets in that city anymore, and in all likelihood it’s that which will solve the problem. When the criminals know that anybody they try to rob is perfectly likely to draw down on them and fill them full of lead, law and order probably becomes the order of the day fairly quickly.

Or at least that was the basic gist of several conversations going on.

The video is a joke but it’s almost only half a joke. We already have people who are trying to make activist causes out of things which are shameful, or at minimum too much information. There is actually a maker of adult diapers semi-seriously attempting to get people to go around in their underwear so as to make people think it’s OK if you have to wear their product, which is an indication of how pathetic the culture has become. And we have people who are actively engaged in illegal behavior accosting politicians and others as activists – look at the illegal aliens acting like they’re a civil rights constituency, for example; they’re screaming about how they deserve to be able to “come out of the shadows,” as though that’s something they really ought to want. If you’re an illegal alien, you’re either in the cash economy and not paying taxes or you’re using a fake social security number and committing identity theft. Coming out of the shadows as an illegal is great – what are you going to say about the follow-on illegality you’re involved in?

So it’s not that far from reality. Which makes it funny, in an “I can see that” sort of way. It’s less unrealistic than it ought to be.



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