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Presidential candidates typically take a timeout from the paid-speech circuit to avoid potential conflicts of interest and thorny restrictions on mixing campaign and personal business. But that hasn’t stopped Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina or Mike Huckabee, who chose to fulfill commitments to the nonprofits and business groups that signed them up for five-figure fees before they jumped into the race.” – Politico

“A member of the LA Unified School District Board of Education reported receiving a bomb threat, police said. It was unclear when the threat was made and which school board member received it, but the situation prompted the district to close all schools effective immediately, and order students and staff to stay away from all campuses.” – Fox News

“It’s obvious. The media and the pundits have been waiting for Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% to blow each other up and leave neither man standing. They positively relish the idea of this fight. And it is an obvious one. Wolf Blitzer, at the CNN debate, will no doubt set up questions to draw out that fight.” –Red State

This piece at National Review on the eve of the next Republican debate contains some toxic and very foolhardy quotes from a group of interventionists who are in favor of shutting down any debate about Republican foreign policy.” – The Federalist

Donald Trump is not a conservative—he’s a reality TV star thoroughly in tune with the passions and dynamics of mass publicity and social media. No matter how much he denounces them, he’s still a product of victim-based identity politics.” – The Public Discourse

Aid agencies are warning of a worsening humanitarian crisis in northern Syria as sharply intensified Russian airstrikes paralyze aid supply routes, knock out bakeries and hospitals and kill and maim civilians in growing numbers.” – Washington Post

Ever since Donald Trump appeared on Campaign 2016’s horizon, journalists have been imploring other journalists not to cover him. This began, amazingly, five months before he announced he was running for president, when Conor Friedersdorf laid down the dictum in the Atlantic. Just last week, former CNN anchor Campbell Brown bookended Friedersdorf’s argument with a piece in POLITICO Magazine, calling upon TV news to stage a one-week Trump moratorium because TV coverage was only making him stronger.” – Politico

“I know, I know… you’d be shocked beyond belief if I told you that a trusted and esteemed government organization like the Environment Protection Agency was in the news for having done something bad. But amazing as the news may be, the New York Times is reporting that a government audit found the EPA may have broken the law with their endless politicking in support of the administration’s changes to the clean water rules. And this isn’t a minor charge, either.” –

“MSNBC host Chris Matthew suggested Monday that terrorists should not be called ‘animals’ — and instead offered a politically correct adjective to describe them.” – The Blaze

“Republican frontrunner Donald Trump addressed roughly 2,000 enthusiastic supporters Monday evening ahead of the GOP debate on Tuesday.” – Breitbart


Gov. Bobby Jindal said his administration is willing to provide information to Gov.-elect John Bel Edwards on anything he might need, but Jindal won’t actively ready the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals for Medicaid expansion — one of Edwards’ top priorities — before the governor leaves office.” –

“Two former Destrehan High School teachers accused of a sexual encounter with a 16-year-old student were formally charged Monday in Jefferson Parish.” – Fox8Live

A new study finds Louisiana ranks 10th in the country when it comes to state policies that promote a strong charter school sector.” –

Jay Dardenne has started putting together his team for when he takes over as commissioner of administration for incoming Governor-elect John Bel Edwards.” – The Advocate Blogs

“For Keyona Parish, Holt Cemetery is where she comes to spend time with her mother, brother and grandfather.” –

Scott Angelle, who scored a strong third in the governor’s race, said Monday he’s considering a run for the U.S. Senate, and will announce a decision after the holidays.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate

Governor Bobby Jindal continues to travel the state touting the accomplishments he’s made during his two terms as governor.” –

“New Orleans City Council Hearing – Monuments, 12-10-2015″ –

New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson has offered to relinquish control of a family trust fund in Texas as long as his estranged daughter is not allowed to take his place, according to a report on” – Fox8Live

Police escort a speaker from the podium at another contentious meeting on the fate of Confederate monuments in New Orleans.” – Best of New Orleans



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