Have You Seen Trump’s Ad Hammering Hillary Clinton On The Fake Women’s Rights Issue?

Whoever did this thing knew exactly what he (or she, I guess) was doing. It’s really, really good.

We don’t know if it will ever run on TV; Trump just put it on Instagram yesterday. But this is how it’s done – take somebody’s own words and match them up with images showing the opposite to tell a story. In this case, the story is Hillary is a fraud for talking about “women’s rights” and “women’s dignity” when she spends her time hanging out with Anthony Weiner, Bill Cosby and the worst one of all, her rapist husband who she enabled and defended after he committed behavior no self-respecting feminist would ever condone.

Hillary and her friends!

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At City Journal, there is a fantastic, and devastating, piece setting the stakes of Hillary’s campaign. In order to win, Harry Stein says, the Clintons have to prove that our first eight years with them in the White House so debauched the electorate that even the most egregious scandal doesn’t scare us off anymore.

Little wonder that through it all—from the initial word of the president’s affair with Lewinsky to the revelations about cigars and the semen on the blue dress—there were reports on the difficulties American parents were having trying to explain to their young children things they wished they didn’t have to. Nor, from this distance, is there much doubt that those times had a deep and lasting impact on American mores. Is it coincidence that millions of Millennials maintain, along with the president of their formative years, that fellatio does not actually constitute sex? If America has indeed lost much of its former innocence, who can doubt that the 42nd president accelerated the process?

It’s not the reality of Clintonian sexual misconduct that will be at issue in this election, nor Hillary’s role in savaging Bill’s accusers, nor even the remarkable lengths to which the press will go to protect them both. All of that has by now been established beyond question, for those willing to see. The real issue in this election is how much of this history the American people will be willing to ignore, shrug off, or decide doesn’t matter. The real question will be how much the Clintons have changed America.

At least with Trump, and perhaps with the other GOP candidates as well if one of them gets the nomination, it looks like the Clintons aren’t going to just ride atop the media’s obfuscations of their manifest bad behavior. Trump served notice that he’s going to discredit and ridicule Hillary in ruthless fashion; doing so has the effect of forcing the media to keep those scandals on the front page whether they like it or not.

Doing so with creativity and panache doubles the effect.



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