Legislators, If You Want Recall Petitions To Go Away Vote For A Republican Speaker

Some “Republican” legislators already have recall efforts underway before they even cast their first votes. One of those is newly elected State Rep. Stephanie Hilferty (R-New Orleans).

Poor Stephanie is feeling the heat from her constituents because she hasn’t publicly committed to back either Walt Leger or Cameron Henry for Speaker.

From The Advocate:

A committee calling itself “Residents to Recall Hilferty,” said in a press release that they are concerned Hilferty will back Leger.

“It is important for her to show her credentials as a new Republican and vote for Cameron Henry in what will surely be a very close election.  Her vote could decide control of committee assignments, which would ultimately affect which bills become law,” said organizer James Hou in a press release Monday.

A vote for leadership will take place Monday, Jan. 11, after the House members take their oath of office.

“It’s disappointing to me that someone is trying to use a recall petition to try to force my hand on a vote.” Hilferty said Monday night, adding that she hasn’t made a decision and is still reviewing the positions and histories of both candidates.

“My job is to vote in a way that will benefit my district most,” she said.

It’s really simple for Hilferty. Either she votes for the Republican candidate, Cameron Henry, or she faces a recall petition. If Hilferty wants to be a Democrat, she can change parties.

After all, we shouldn’t be surprised that Hilferty is having a tough time voting her alleged party registration on this issue. Her campaign was funded by the trial lawyers. They’re a major part of the John Bel Edwards coalition.

As for other Republicans, it’s really simple. If you don’t want a recall campaign mounted against you, vote for your party’s choice for Speaker and not John Bel’s.



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