Here’s What The Losers At Kasich HQ Say Is the Reason He Won’t Get Out Of The GOP Presidential Race

This actually showed up in our e-mail, on a night where Marco Rubio, who dropped out of the race two weeks ago, beat John Kasich in Arizona. It’s a memo from John Weaver, the atrocious Republican political consultant and poster child for how awful the Republican consultant class actually is (Weaver was John Huntsman’s campaign guru in 2012 and John McCain’s in 2008; he specializes in campaigns built around total contempt for GOP voters, it seems), and it purports to lay out the rationale for why Kasich is a constructive presence in the Republican primary race rather than the delusional waste of time and vote-sink for the anti-Trump movement the entire country understands him to be.

We could dismantle this, but we trust that you guys could do it just as well in the comments. Have at it.

The terrorist attacks in Brussels are a stark reminder that Gov. John Kasich is the only Republican candidate with the temperament, leadership ability and experience necessary to be President in a dangerous world.

He is also the only Republican who can win against Hillary Clinton. CNN and NYT/CBS polls released Monday showed Gov. Kasich leading Clinton by an average of 5 points, Donald Trump trailing by an average of 11 points, and Ted Cruz trailing as well.

Kasich Now Key to Stopping Trump

Moving forward, Gov. Kasich is the key to our Party’s hope of stopping Donald Trump and the potential disastrous consequences of his nomination.

Assertions to the contrary are inaccurate. They are disingenuous attempts to mislead Republicans and hand the nomination to Donald Trump.

As we enter April, John Kasich and Donald Trump will be the main competitors for delegates. John Kasich will play the primary role of blocking Donald Trump from reaching a majority of delegates.

The Northeast, Pacific Coast and Midwest: Cruz Would Hand Nomination to Trump

Northeast: In the Northeast states that have already voted, Ted Cruz has had disastrous results, winning just 12% in New Hampshire, 10% in Massachusetts and 10% in Vermont. (His showing in Maine was due to a closed and arcane caucus system. None of the remaining Northeastern states have such a system.)

In the Northeastern states Trump beat Cruz by anywhere from 3-1 to 5-1. That pattern will continue in states like Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York, Maryland and Delaware. If Trump wins those states, he will reach 1,237.

Pacific Coast: The traditional voting patterns of California, Washington and Oregon – all three of which have yet to vote – closely resemble those of the Northeast.

Midwest: Exit polling in Ohio showed definitively that without John Kasich in the race, Donald Trump would have beaten Ted Cruz head-to-head. The majority of Midwestern states remaining more closely resemble Ohio than the earlier states and there are certain Congressional districts in those states in which only John Kasich can defeat Donald Trump.

Bottom Line

John Kasich must continue to fight Donald Trump for delegates in order to prevent Trump’s reaching 1,237, and despite his protestations, Ted Cruz is not going to achieve that magic number either.

To reach 1237 delegates, Cruz would have to win more than 80% of remaining available delegates – an impossible task regardless of whether or not John Kasich is in the race.

Only John Kasich will defeat Hillary Clinton in an Electoral College landslide, sweeping in Republicans from the courthouse to the Senate. The other candidates would lose to Hillary Clinton in dramatic fashion, cost the GOP seats in down-ballot races from California to Maine and put control of Congress in jeopardy. For example, a new poll of North Carolina found “voters are less likely to vote for [Sen. Richard] Burr by a 26 point spread if he supports Trump for President” while John Kasich leads Clinton 49%-41%.

Without question, John Kasich is the best Presidential candidate to have at the top of the ballot for Republican Senators who are up for re-election like Kelly Ayotte, Rob Portman, Richard Burr, Pat Toomey, Ron Johnson, Mark Kirk.

Governor Kasich is ready to be President, can unite the Party and win the White House. He will be the clear best choice at the Convention.

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