Marquette Poll Has Cruz Hitting 40, With 10-Point Lead On Trump

Ted Cruz will win Wisconsin on Tuesday, and potentially pick up all of its delegates – though that’s not certain.

That’s what a poll by Marquette University on the presidential primary, released today, says.

The Marquette University Law School released the results of its latest political poll on Wednesday, March 29th — and it comes ahead of the Wisconsin primary on Tuesday, April 5th.

The new poll finds Ted Cruz ahead in the Wisconsin GOP race — with 40% support to 30% for Donald Trump and 21% for John Kasich. It the February poll, Trump held the lead with 30%, Cruz and 19% and Kasich at 8%. Candidates who have since dropped out commanded 31% support at that time.

Poll director Charles Franklin said, “Cruz has been the real beneficiary” of the drop-outs in recent weeks.

Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton 49-45 on the Democrat side. The most underrated story in this entire presidential cycle is how while everybody assumes Hillary to be the nominee she doesn’t seem to be winning a whole lot of states.

What’s interesting about the poll is a couple of things. First, it was conducted from March 24-28, which was last Thursday through this Monday, so it doesn’t include the latest Michelle Fields-Corey Lewandowski stuff and what effect that might have, but it does include all the Heidi Cruz attacks and potentially some National Enquirer stuff. It also doesn’t include Scott Walker’s endorsement.

And second, the respondents were reached equally via land line and cell phones, so that could mean more accuracy in results than the typical land line polls.

Some interesting analysis from the pollster on Twitter…

Though Wisconsin is an open primary, it looks like there won’t be a whole lot of Democrat crossover since that primary looks competitive.

Cruz leads in Wisconsin even though most voters think Trump will ultimately be the nominee, which could be interpreted as some pretty intense dissatisfaction. Usually when people think Candidate X is going to win they make themselves comfortable with the idea.

Here’s something interesting…

Bernie Sanders beats Kasich by 2, Cruz by 13 and Trump by 19. We’ll let you chew on that a while.

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