The Low Popahirum, March 1, 2016


Trump is winning, but his allies worry that his unconventional campaign won’t hold up to the pressure of a general election.” – Politico

The Democratic and Republican presidential candidates are charging into Super Tuesday in a coast-to-coast battle for delegates across a dozen states — but while they’re looking for as many wins as possible, a few select states stand out as the crown jewels.” – Fox News

This is why the media sucks at their job. CNN host Carol Costello barely bothers to conceal the fact that she is a liberal democrat. She had a segment this morning on the Republican race for President, so she wanted to have a guest on. Instead of any one of the tens of millions of Republicans in America – any of which would have been better to talk about the state of the Republican race – she instead went to… openly liberal Democrat David Gergen.” – Red State

Donald Trump says parts of his immigration proposals are ‘negotiable,’ but only minor details about his border wall.”  – Politico

“In the days after Donald J. Trump vanquished his Republican rivals in South Carolina and Nevada, prominent Democrats supporting Hillary Clinton arranged a series of meetings and conference calls to tackle a question many never thought they would ask: How do we defeat Mr. Trump in a general election?” – NY Times

“Over the past week, as it’s begun to sink in that — no foolin’ — Donald Trump might really be the nominee, I began to notice a trend among family and friends who are stalwart Republicans. These are people who consistently vote, and consistently vote (R) straight down the line. And they are tortured because they cannot bring themselves to vote for the Republican nominee this year, if the Republican nominee is Trump.” – Bloomberg Review

“Memo to Republican leaders: Be careful what you wish for.” – NY Times

“When State Department spokesman John Kirby was unable to answer a question about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal on Monday, Fox News reporter Catherine Herridge helped him out.” –

Last night John covered the last (or perhaps just the latest if more turn up) batch of released emails from Hillary Clinton’s bathroom closet server. As usual, the trove of what we got wasn’t nearly as interesting as what we didn’t get, specifically the Top Secret material and redacted portions of the sensitive ones. To begin digging into the pile, it’s unclear if there’s anything really “new” here which we didn’t already know. There was obviously potentially critical national security information hanging around where it shouldn’t be, but that’s just the status quo at this point. CNN has a fairly good summary of the first bits unearthed in this excavation, and pays particular attention to what may be yet to come, not from Clinton herself, but from those deepest inside her circle.” – Hot Air

Melania Trump said on CNN Monday that she has disagreed with ‘many things’ her husband has said or done on the campaign trail.” – The Blaze


“The ZioMedia Lies: Dr. David Duke: I have not endorsed Donald Trump!” –

The Louisiana House of Representatives put off voting on several tax bills  — including alcohol and cigarette tax hikes — for the second time Monday (Feb. 29), including some measures that Gov. John Bel Edwards and Senate leadership consider essential to closing a $900 million budget deficit this year.” –

Gov. John Bel Edwards has hit the campaign trail again, addressing four groups in three days, seeking help to lobby legislators to fix budget deficits in the nine days left before the special session must adjourn.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate

“The president of LSU on Monday warned that budget cuts could mean trouble for Tiger football.” –

Mark Levin hammered Chris Wallace on his show today for the hit job he did on Ted Cruz on Fox News Sunday. Wallace asked Cruz if he would take responsibility for several things, including the Iowa Carson nontroversy, the Iowa flyer nontroversy, an ad ran by a Cruz-supporting super PAC and the false story his Communications Director tweeted out.” –

The Louisiana House of Representatives is proposing to take a hatchet to the Department of Education in the final four months of the budget year, with cuts that the state’s education superintendent says would shutter almost every program in his agency. Payments for voucher schools and early childhood education programs would stop in the middle of the school year, and standardized testing would be scrapped for the spring, Superintendent John White.” –

Some Laplace families spent yet another day Monday sifting through what’s left of their belongings after a tornado ravaged a number of neighborhoods there. The struggle is especially hard on one couple just starting their lives together.” –

Capt. Clay Higgins, the well-known spokesman for the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office, has resigned.” –

“Following Capt. Clay Higgins’ resignation from the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office Monday morning, Sheriff Bobby Guidroz presented his side of the story.” –

Ben Sasse says that Donald Trump is trying to wage a hostile takeover of the Republican Party, attacking all the core tenants of the party platform.” –


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