The Low Popahirum, March 30, 2016


“Proven wrong about his campaign manager’s treatment of a reporter, Trump used the incident to tighten his bond with his supporters.” – Politico

Donald Trump said Tuesday that he would no longer honor his pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee for president, while fellow candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich refused to say whether they would back the party’s pick.” – Fox News

“Back in 2010, America was struggling with a financial crisis it could not resolve and state budgets were creaking under its load. States were unable to meet their obligations and the budgetary outlook for the future was even more bleak. For the sake of the long-term health of the country, something had to be done.” – Red State

“Republican front-runner Donald Trump identified health care and education as two of the three top functions of the federal government on Tuesday at a CNN town hall.” –

CNN’s Jake Tapper had sharp words Tuesday for President Obama after the latter’s lecture of the media the previous night, calling Obama a hypocrite because of his poor record on transparency since taking office.” – Free Beacon

“Some of Donald Trump’s top endorsers say they’re standing by him despite the fact that his campaign manager has been charged with battery.” –

College students on many American campuses are showing an extraordinary mix of fragility and anger that is puzzling to outsiders. The recent events at Emory University are a dramatic case: some students described themselves as being afraid and ‘in pain’ after seeing ‘Trump 2016’ written in chalk around campus. They went to see the president of Emory to demand that he take punitive and protective action. The story is now drawing international wonder and scorn. How can this be happening in the cradle of modern democracy?” –

“At first I read these official Girl Scout Safety Tips as saying girls between the ages of 6 and 12 must be supervised by an adult while they sell cookies door to door. But that’s not what it says: the site recommends adult supervision for girls in grades 6 through 12.” –

Who’s to say whether Fields is a psycho who’d self-harm or lie about an injury purely to create a bad media cycle for  Mr. Trump or whether the bruise came from Corey Lewandowski grabbing her on the arm, just apoors she’s claimed — with video evidence supporting her — since day one? We may never know. But I’ll bet Jupiter PD has a pretty solid working theory.” – Hot Air

“Republican front-runner Donald Trump said Tuesday he could no longer pledge to support the eventual GOP nominee.” – The Blaze


Louisiana senators voted to scrap a law that prohibits Louisiana from issuing driver’s licenses that comply with the security measures of the federal REAL ID act.” –

“Caterpillars are poisonous. A caterpillar transforms into the butterfly that would be named Louisiana’s official butterfly. So, Rep. Greg Miller said he didn’t want to be on record supporting the butterfly bill. He wanted to reverse his previous vote supporting the proposal.” –

“Louisiana will continue to have an unconstitutional — and unenforceable — law on the books that requires teaching creationism in science classes.” –

Many college students are having fun in the sun somewhere for spring break. But some members of the McNeese Baptist Collegiate Ministry have other plans.” –

A woman was pinned in her Ford Explorer when smoke started coming from at least 1 of the other 2 vehicles involved in a wreck Tuesday morning in Shreveport, a pastor says.” –

“If you live in Thibodaux, you may have already known this bit of information. The city was recently named the best place to retire in Louisiana.” –

“While much of the country seems to be moving away from mandatory minimums in prison sentencing, Louisiana lawmakers took a step Tuesday (March 29) toward tougher incarceration requirements.” –

Colleges and universities will be spared from general fund cuts for the remainder of the current budget cycle as Gov. John Bel Edwards, whose campaign promise was to prioritize those schools, announced last week the state’s remaining $70 million deficit will come solely from the Department of Health and Hospitals.” –

Marco Rubio is working to play a role at the Republican National Convention even as his rivals scramble to pick off convention delegates claimed by the Florida senator before he suspended his campaign.” –

“National advocacy group Human Rights Watch says Louisiana’s locally-run jails fail to provide inmates with proper HIV testing and treatment, in a state with some of the highest HIV infection rates in the country.” –

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