How Badly Has Our Educational System Pulled Its Victims Away From Objective Truth?

Here’s how badly.

The Family Policy Institute of Washington last week sent one of its people to the University of Washington to do man/woman-on-the-street interviews to ask students there if they’d object should the 5-foot-9 white-guy interviewer claimed he was (1) a woman, (2) Chinese, (3) seven years old and (4) 6-foot-5.

And he couldn’t find any students who’d be willing to say “No, you are none of those things.” They all came back with “sure, be what you want.”

This came after they unanimously said it was fine for people to use whatever bathrooms and locker rooms they wanted. Even the women thought it was fine.

Does this represent the college-age mindset? One would have to believe most kids at that age still believe men are men and women are women and you can’t become 6-foot-5 or seven years old just because you say so.

And yet there wasn’t anybody in this video who would justify that belief. They all toed the ridiculous politically-correct line that we have to respect the idiocy of others regardless of how outrageous their claims may be.

It’s troubling, because the courage to point out and see objective truth is crucial to the proper functioning of a free society. And like the video says, if these kids can’t say easy things like “No, you’re not a Chinese woman regardless of what you might say, and truth is important even if there is no obvious harm in the lie,” then what happens when they’re asked to take a stand on more difficult things?



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