The Idiot College Kid Who Advertises On YouTube That He Stole His Financial Aid Money For A Trip To Thailand

Everything you hate about entitled millennials wrapped up in a five-minute video…

“How I Spent My Financial Aid Like A Boss.” Really.

The reaction in the comments doesn’t give you the impression anybody thinks this clown is a boss.

Lmao I can’t wait for this to blow up and see all the hate. Pretty sure you guys are the next hated people on YouTube. If you actually wanted a YouTube career you totally f*cked up.

Could you maybe not use money that a lot of us other students could have used for actual goal-achieving? Using this money to take butt-shots of your girlfriend is definitely not in the legal agreement you sign when you take that money.

YOU ARE SCUM!!!! The majority of college students are working their asses off to try to get scholarships and jobs to pay for college. And we are trying to make sure we get good grades. And YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO USE FEDERAL FUNDING TO GO ON A DAMN VACATION!!!!!!!!! I have to pay for College out of my own pocket. Some of my friends have absolutely no financial aid, because of how much their parents are expected to contribute, so they are working 3 or more jobs. If you aren’t going to PROPERLY use the financial aid you are given, THEN TURN IT DOWN!!!!! You are an absolute asinine imbecile. I can’t wait till this gets to FAFSA or your school. Then your next vacation will be EXPULSION!!!!!

You’re not a boss. You’re not going to be a boss. You’re not going to do well enough in school to be a boss because now you don’t have any textbooks you f*cktard. You just wasted $2,500 of taxpayer money that could have been used to help someone that is actually going to have an impact on the world unlike you. You’re a piece of s**t.

Stop making my generation look like a bunch of self-entitled hipster picks. No you are not special for going to Thailand, and you are a moron for saying that you are spending grant money on frivolous things just to brag about how awesome you are for and show off your girlfriend. People like you are the reason that Donald Trump is so popular, so if he is elected you have nobody but yourself to blame.

We could launch into a litany of all the things which make this kid intolerable, but if you watched the video you already know them.

All we can say is we can’t wait to hear about this kid’s girlfriend dumping him for a rich guy.

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