The Low Popahirum, April 15, 2016


Clinton and Sanders go head-to-head on crime, fracking and the Middle East.” – Politico

Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday the U.S. Navy ship that was buzzed by two Russian warplanes in the Baltic Sea this week could have opened fire under U.S. military rules of engagement.” – Fox News

How many times has Donald Trump falsely claimed he beats Hillary in the polls? Every time you turn around a new poll is out showing Trump getting beaten by Hillary in the general election and handily.” – Red State

“For all his boasting about his business acumen, it’s pretty clear that Donald Trump stinks at the nuts and bolts of running a campaign. His campaign has failed to execute the most basic functions of organizing and slating delegates.  Even his own kids didn’t know when and how to register or change their voter registration and are unable to support their dad in New York’s April 19 primary. That said, he is masterful at driving and deciding the narrative of this campaign. And, his narrative, that the wooing and collecting of delegates is ‘rigged’ and ‘unfair’ is a powerful one with GOP voters. A national Marist poll taken in early April, found a narrow majority of Republicans, 52 percent, believed that that if Trump has the most delegates going into the convention in Cleveland, but does not have enough to win on the first ballot, he should still be the party’s nominee.  This argument is especially resonant at a time when the ‘establishment’ and the ‘system’ are as unpopular as ever with rank and file GOP voters. The question now is whether this narrative can be enough to get him the nomination, or if the GOP delegates will ultimately prize rules over PR.” –

Now that a U.S. appeals court has declined to strike down Utah’s bigamy laws, it’s reasonable to ask: What does the Constitution, properly interpreted, have to say about the topic?” –

“The sudden retirement announcement of veteran GOP Rep. Ander Crenshaw has ignited speculation about a potential high-profile successor: former University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow.” –

“White House press secretary Josh Earnest raised eyebrows during today’s press briefing by suggesting that Democrats would be “justified’ to take revenge on the GOP blockade against Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland by blocking a possible GOP president’s nomination for the president’s full term.” –

A stunningly distracted crowd of hundreds of Republicans almost entirely ignored Ted Cruz’s speech at the New York City GOP gala on Thursday night, instead chattering at their dinner tables, standing and taking selfies. Several casually left the dinner altogether.” –

On Saturday, April 9, Colorado had an ‘election’ without voters. Delegates were chosen on behalf of a presidential nominee, yet the people of Colorado were not able to cast their ballots to say which nominee they preferred.” –

“Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton repeatedly dodged a question Thursday night about why she refuses to release her Wall Street speech transcripts — and the audience let its displeasure be known, booing the former secretary of state for failing to answer.” – The Blaze


A domestic abuse charge in 2011 against Will Smith, the former NFL standout, could bolster the legal argument that Cardell Hayes acted in self defense when he shot and killed Smith Saturday night, said Shenequa Grey, a former Louisiana prosecutor and current law professor at Southern University in Baton Rouge.” –

“Has the law failed a woman who called police for help and told her friends about her husband’s repeated abuse, and is now dead?” –

“The death of former Saints player Will Smith has raised the profile of the city’s violent crime problem in terms of national attention.” –

“Eyewitness accounts from the night of Will Smith’s death, the presence of two other guns on the scene and the autopsy report give Loyola Law professor Dane Ciolino reason to not rush judgment when it comes to the case against Cardell Hayes.” –

“The funeral for late New Orleans Saints color commentator Hokie Gajan is scheduled for Friday (today).” –

“Next week, Governor John Bel Edwards will launch a monthly call-in radio show, ‘Ask the Governor,’ to air on the Louisiana Radio Network (LRN).” –

Governor John Bel Edwards in his Tuesday address to lawmakers concerning the state’s budget announced the TOPS program would see a cut of $183 million during the next fiscal year. That is really bad news for students and parents of students who are attending or planned to attend a state university next fall.” –

“A wall of sandbags tagged with the words ‘Trump’ and ‘Make America Great Again’ at the off-campus house of the Kappa Alpha Order caused a stir at Tulane University this week.” –

“A proposal to restrict the growth of Louisiana’s TOPS free college tuition program has sailed through the Senate.” – New Orleans City Business

In the Woolen Lake area many homes and roads are still under water. For those who can get home, life is far from normal.” –


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