VIDEO: Ted Cruz Should Send Boehner A Wine Basket, Or A Bottle Of Woodford Reserve

Really, he should. Boehner did Cruz a huge favor, probably unintentionally.

By now you’ve probably heard that Boehner called Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh” and the “most miserable son of a bitch I ever had to work with.” Boehner also said he’s played golf a lot with Donald Trump and texts back and forth with him all the time.

All of which is absolutely perfect news for Cruz. For three reasons.

First, Boehner just gave Cruz another news cycle in which he’s going to be getting more attention than Donald Trump is going to get, and that makes two in a row since Trump’s five wins along the East Coast on Tuesday heading into next Tuesday’s all-important Indiana primary. Our piece this morning referencing Campbell Brown’s explanation of the media’s role in creating Trump noted that it was Trump’s constant domination of news cycle after news cycle which turned the momentum of the race away from Cruz, who had it in a major way following Utah and Wisconsin; well, this will be the second day in a row when Cruz will get more coverage.

And coverage is everything in this cycle, it seems. So long as they don’t misspell your name, and so on.

Second, Cruz gets some sympathy points. Nobody in American politics gets called Lucifer in the flesh, because that’s over-the-top and rude, and to call somebody that makes the caller look like a troglodyte and a jackass. Boehner went there anyway, which doesn’t actually hurt Cruz. Had Boehner calmly expressed displeasure with Cruz and provided substantial reasons why, it would be one thing – he might even have been persuasive. But to haul off and smack somebody with ad hominem attacks like this, it’s like calling him a poopy-head. When you sink to that level, it usually backfires; you look like the heavy (or at least a petulant baby) and they look like the victim.

And third, Ted Cruz can’t possibly get more support for his argument that it’s Trump, not him, who’s the Washington Establishment entry in the race. You cannot find a better personification for the Beltway GOP/Failure Theater/Unprincipled Loser class the majority of the Republican electorate is white hot with rage over than John Boehner. And Boehner just threw in with Donald Trump, which validates Cruz’ entire campaign message.

Cruz is also now in a position to follow up his quote in the clip below about how he’s never worked with Boehner and maybe said 50 words to him in his life with a little more – namely, that Cruz has had a whole lot of interaction with other House members, specifically the conservatives in the House who got rid of Boehner. And that Cruz and those House conservatives were able to kill the Gang of Eight bill, for example, which Boehner would otherwise have let pass in the House. So Boehner’s dislike for Cruz isn’t based in any personal animus; it’s based on the fact that Cruz fought for things the public wants and Boehner, Washington Insider Scumbag that he is, does not. In other words, what Boehner really hates about Cruz is his principles.

He touches on that a little at the end of this clip.

Thanks to Boehner, Lyin’ Ted starts to sound a lot more like Truth-tellin’ Ted.

On Wednesday he gets a VP pick. On Thursday Cruz gets validation for his entire message. This might not be such a bad week for the Cruz Crew after all.

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