Will Delgado Get More Out Of His Donors Than They Gave To John Bel Edwards?

RINO Baton Rouge City Councilman John Delgado has enlisted some heavy firepower to give his quixotic bid for East Baton Rouge Mayor President a boost. We received this invitation today to join a special fundraiser for Delgado.


Unfortunately, we just couldn’t spare the cash to attend the event. However, the host committee has plenty of money to spare. In fact during the governor’s race last year, they gave generously to John Bel Edwards.

This host committee was good for at least $31,600 for John Bel Edwards. Can John Delgado get more out of them than they gave to John Bel Edwards?

John Delgado is going to need every penny he can get. Seemingly the only way he can beat his opponents if he massively outspends them. Delgado was only able to win his seat on the Metro Council in 2012 by 53%-47% by outspending his opponent $43,000 to $4,800. More money doesn’t really translate to more popularity for Delgado.

Of course if John Delgado fails to get enough money from the John Bel Edwards fan club, he has other means of financing his campaign. A few months ago, Delgado opened up a Baton Rouge nightclub called 1913. 1913 has already had its liquor license suspended. Sources tell The Hayride the reason why the license has been suspended is because 1913 has written several bad checks to liquor distributors.

Suddenly giving money to John Delgado just doesn’t look like a good investment. After all, we’re talking about a man who still wants to be mayor-president after alienating at least 75% of the East Baton Rouge Parish voters he needs to get a majority.

But Delgado has the ego and certainly the mouth to believe that Baton Rouge voters will support him. History and demographics just seem to indicate otherwise.

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