COLLUSION TO KILL THE BILL? What Went On Behind The Scenes To KILL Ban On Louisiana Sanctuary Cities

After the shocking defeat of legislation which would have outlawed sanctuary cities like New Orleans and Lafayette Parish in the state, rumors are circulating about backroom deals that could’ve killed the bill, despite it having bipartisan support.

Americans before illegals sign

Hearsay of Gov. John Bel Edwards (D), who has never taken an official position on sanctuary cities (which are areas that harbor illegal immigrants against federal law), not wanting to sign the legislation, but being forced to if it came across his desk have come up as possibly one of the most prominent scenarios.

Jefferson Parish Newell Normand was a prominent opponent of banning sanctuary cities, showing up to the second Senate hearing on the matter and even erupting that the legislation was a “bullshit policy.”

But, why exactly does Normand care about legislation that would have absolutely zero impact on Jefferson Parish, as it is not a sanctuary city?

Edwards, who is buddy-buddy with Normand (he cut campaign commercials for Edwards during the 2015 gubernatorial race), could have possibly persuaded the sheriff to go to bat for him at the Senate hearing so that he could avoid signing the legislation.

Common belief around political circles say that Edwards is against banning sanctuary cities, but he would’ve had to sign the legislation in fear that their would be uproar from Louisiana voters, who are strictly against illegal immigration.

Aside from the connections between Edwards and Normand, there is the openly publicized friendship between Norman, Edwards and State Sen. Danny Martiny (R-Kenner).

Martiny is solely responsible for gutting the sanctuary city ban legislation and then killing it in the Senate committee, claiming that it didn’t make any sense.

Ironically, Martiny works with Normand at the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office and, like Normand, crossed party lines to actively support Edwards in the 2015 gubernatorial race against Sen. David Vitter (R-LA).

Did Edwards get Normand to parade against the ban on sanctuary cities and then have Martiny gut and kill the legislation so he wouldn’t have to sign it? Is it political collusion?

We report, you decide.



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