INSANE VIDEO: WWL-TV Goes Looking For Street Violence In New Orleans…And Finds It

Here’s a fascinating clip which appeared on WWL-TV either last night or this morning. Eric Paulsen, the station’s anchor, is doing a series of reports on violent crime in New Orleans and the culture that produces it, and he’s teaming with Kwame Gates, a local rapper who produced a documentary on New Orleans’ status as a hotbed of murder.

And Gates brought Paulsen and his cameraman out to the Ninth Ward to talk to a few of his fellow rappers about the culture and their realization it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

It doesn’t take long before that culture gets put on full display, as an acquaintance of Gates’ shows up, armed, and proceeds to berate him for bringing white people into the neighborhood and “disrespectin’ me.” As Paulsen’s interview comes to a premature conclusion but the camera keeps rolling, one of Gates’ friends confronts the harasser – and in no time flat is beating him senseless. And disarming him.