BAYHAM: Hillary, The False Idol

If you were to log on to Hillary Clinton’s Twitter page, you’d see an avatar of the candidate staring out into the yonder with the words “History Made” juxtaposed around her gaze.  The image looks like something you’d see pasted on to a stucco wall in a banana republic, but this could just be foreshadowing.

Hillary has a problem within her own party – for on the very night she claimed the Democratic nomination for president, she lost two states and barely won two others by less than 3%.

This was after her helpful friends in the media declared her the presumptive nominee the night before in an attempt to damper the enthusiasm of Bernie Sanders supporters (likely costing the Vermont senator the two close contests and a greater share of the California vote).

The two-time presidential candidate and two-term First Lady is looking to play to the hearts of the disaffected within the Democratic Party by playing to their vanity: they can help make history.  Again.

It is political plagiarism at its most pathetic, as Hillary attempts to reproduce the campaign narrative that buried her in the primaries in 2008.

If the hipsters and Bernie Bros don’t like the candidate, maybe they can embrace the icon!

Hence the historical trappings in which Hillary’s team and the pro-leftist political media are trying to drape her candidacy, as much to appeal to the emotions of the Democratic rebels as to cover up her other noteworthy precedents, such as “Worst Secretary of State Ever” and “First First Lady to Be Investigated by the FBI.”

Thus far, many Bernistas are not buying what she’s shilling.

I Have a Shrill

When Obama sought the presidency, he was largely a blank slate defined by the orgasmic adulation from the media (see Chris Matthews)  during his keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention and his hyper-inspirational titled book The Audacity of Hope.

Gifted with soaring oratory skills that contrasted sharply with the unpopular and rhetorically clumsy George W. Bush, teary-eyed people mostly filled in the blanks concerning the youthful Obama, always assuming he was what they hoped he be.

Unlike Obama ’08, the 68-year old Hillary Clinton ’16 is very much a known quantity and most people assume the worst…hence she is not doing donuts around the charm-impaired Donald Trump.

Admittedly, Clinton’s Brooklyn football-spike speech was one of her best.  But the condescending shrill managed to break out right around the time she started asking for people’s money.

Not a Pioneer but a Cutthroat Schemer

The only person who worked harder than Bill Clinton to keep America from having its first black president in 2008 was Hillary Clinton. And Fr. Michael Pflegler’s infamous sermon on Hillary in the House of Jeremiah Wright was probably closer to the mark than most Democrats would like to admit.

I wonder if anyone remembers how Hillary Clinton attempted to steal the party nomination from then-rival Barack Obama by trying to manipulate the delegate rules in the midst of the primaries and caucuses by making the “beauty contest” primaries in Michigan and Florida, both of which held elections in violation of the DNC’s rules, count for delegates.

Obama, who did a far better job following rules as a presidential candidate than as a president, dutifully abided by the party guidelines and skipped the two ordinarily delegate-rich states.

In Michigan, home to one of America’s biggest black urban areas, Obama received zero votes in the primary while Clinton, in what would be a telling example kept her name on the ballot with no serious opposition, racked up a big win.

Clinton made “fundraising” appearances in Florida to skirt the “no campaign” pledge and appeared at a victory party in the Sunshine State to claim victory in what was supposed to be a meaningless primary.

As many of Bernie’s supporters were hitting puberty around this time in 2008, they might not remember Hillary’s attempt to hijack the nomination  but those engaged in the 2016 political process got to see Hillary for what she is, brass knuckles and all, particularly in the competitive Iowa and Nevada caucuses.

And by the way, Hillary didn’t drop out immediately after Obama clinched.

How Hillary Climbed the Mountain…on Her Husband’s Back

Aside from those who risked their lives for their country and community, the people who should be considered heroes in this society are the self-made women and men who achieved their success honorably.

Hillary Clinton’s hagiographers have quite the challenge to make her into the feminist icon she’s not.

There’s a good chance that had Hillary not approached the shaggy-haired Bill in the Yale Library in 1970, she’d be taking a break from chasing ambulances in DuPage County to attend the 2016 Democratic National Convention as a delegate from Illinois.

On the gallop to millionaire-hood and “herstory,” Hillary was not the horse but the jockey, riding someone else to fame and fortune.   And the great tribulations Hillary had to endure entailed standing by (or sitting while holding hands with) a habitually unfaithful husband who risked ruining their racket with a parade of beauty queens and interns.

As a public figure, Hillary Clinton was first and second a First Lady, in Arkansas for a decade and then for almost a decade in Washington, DC.  After realizing that her bucolic political residence wasn’t glitzy enough for her ambition and sympathetic enough for her true politics, whatever they may be at any particular moment, Hillary Clinton cherry-picked an open Senate seat in a moneyed state.

Though New York had a population of 19,000,000+ bona fide residents, their love of glamour and leftist politics made them only too happy to extend one of their two US Senate seats to the tourist from Little Rock.

Hillary Clinton was not so much a trailblazer but a passenger in First Class.

This sounds more like the stuff of Evita Peron than Susan B. Anthony or any of the true women’s rights pioneers she invoked on Tuesday night.

Regardless of your sympathy or subscription for her politics of the moment, Hillary’s rise to the Democratic presidential nomination is not an inspiring story, but one built upon Wall Street money, special interests, vote brokers, and total support of the Democratic Party establishment.

The real wonder is how it was so close.  And for Hillary, that is also the real worry.

Achieving power by marrying it and tolerating regular marital disrespect was not the path the women at NOW were hoping that a future female president would have taken to the White House and posterity.

Hillary the Feminist Icon: who boldly rose to power from other positions of power attained by somebody else.

And Bill Clinton thought the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama was a fairy tale.

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