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He’s betting the insecurity that drove his primary win is just as relevant in a general election.” – Politico

The FBI is investigating reports that Omar Mateen visited Orlando’s Pulse nightclub several times before he killed 49 people there over the weekend, a U.S. official told The Associated Press on Tuesday.” – Fox News

The ex-wife of Orlando mass killer Omar Mateen claimed Monday that she believed he was homosexual — as it was revealed that he frequented the gay nightclub where he staged the nation’s worst massacre in modern times.” – NY Post

The Orlando massacre is sickening and frightening.  It’s sickening on its face: Dozens of innocent people were shot to death by a remorseless, merciless fanatic on Saturday night, executed for the ‘crime’ of carousing with friends at an establishment that caters to a clientele despised by their killer.  It’s frightening because this horror was not perpetrated by masked men shouting slogans in an unfamiliar tongue thousands of miles away. It wasn’t carried out by trained practitioners of terror who hijacked airplanes and targeted symbolic nuclei of American power and wealth. No, like last year’s San Bernardino bloodbath, this atrocity unfolded in a mid-sized American city, at the hands of a young U.S.-born American citizen. Fact will be separated from fiction in the days to come, as details are clarified and leads chased down. What seems to be clear at this stage is that Saturday’s agent of destruction was a radical Islamist, inspired by ISIS and exhorted to action by instructions to murder and maim as many ‘infidels’ as possible, particularly during Islam’s holy month of Ramadan.” – Town Hall

Donald Trump’s speech casting himself as a defender of the LGBT community in the wake of Sunday’s massacre at a gay nightclub in Florida did not go over well with the country’s largest gay rights group. And other groups are even considering joining the push for new gun-control measures, rejecting Trump’s call for Americans to take up arms and defend themselves.” – Politico

Donald Trump’s approach to immigration, the central issue of his campaign, has frequently been thoughtless. But he is right to ask whether America’s immigration policy is promoting American security, and key elements of his immigration-focused speech on Monday afternoon, responding to Sunday’s terrorist attack in Orlando, should be common sense for American policymakers.” – National Review

“Less than a week before Omar Mateen walked into an Orlando gay club and killed or wounded more than 100 people, the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC) submitted its Countering Violent Extremism report to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Jeh Johnson. The report instructs the DHS not to use any language that might be “disrespectful” to Muslims, including (but not limited to) the words ‘jihad,’ ‘sharia’ and ‘takfir.'” – Daily Caller

Mexican authorities say migrant traffickers have adopted a new trick to smuggle Central American clients to the U.S. border: renting high-end tour buses.” –

A former classmate of Omar Mateen’s 2006 police academy class said he believed Mateen was gay, saying Mateen once asked him out.” –

“As thousands in Orlando turned out to mourn 49 people killed inside a gay nightclub, federal investigators examined possible motives for the gunman who committed the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history.” – The Blaze


“A local family is facing tragedy head-on after learning their son is among those injured in the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shootings.” –

The latest budget for the State Of Louisiana is causing some uproar in the Capital, and has the house divided. In one camp, siding with Gov. John Bel Edwards, it is believed that we have budget deficits and shortfalls that can only be corrected by raising taxes.” –

“A Carencro woman’s brother was one of the slain over the weekend.” –

A year-old lawsuit that claims the Jindal administration mismanaged the state health insurance program and illegally implemented changes to it can move forward, a Baton Rouge state judge decided Monday.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate

“The family of a Metairie man who was at the Pulse nightclub says their loved one is still alive.” –

Gov. John Bel Edwards described the victims of a mass shooting at a gay night club in Orlando as ‘our brothers and sisters’ during a vigil with Louisiana’s legislative leaders.” –

Authorities in Orlando, Florida confirm there were 49 victims who died in Sunday morning’s shooting. 53 people, they say, were hurt in the attack. So far, at least two of those victims have ties to South Louisiana.” –

Several families say a woman scammed them out of money and a new pet.” –

In the wake of the shooting in Orlando, New Orleans prepares for its own LGBT celebration on Saturday, and many people want extra security and police patrols for this year’s Pride Festival in the French Quarter.” –

An elderly DeRidder woman is out nearly $2,000 after being tricked into wiring money she thought was mistakenly put in her bank account.” –

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