The Low Popahirum, June 17, 2016


“Democrats view Marco Rubio as Donald Trump’s strongest possible running mate.” – Politico

Dozens of U.S. officials have called on the Obama administration to order ‘targeted military strikes’ against the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, with the aim of pressuring Damascus to accept a binding cease-fire and engage in peace talks.” – Fox News

“He shoots! He scores!” – Red State

“What a dumb time to be alive.” – National Review

It’s been exactly a year since Donald Trump rode the escalator down to the lobby of Trump Tower to announce for president. We now see the spectacle of Trump holding the entire Republican party hostage and much of the party leadership struck with a form of Stockholm syndrome. That’s defined as a situation where hostages identify with and defend their captor — in this case, Trump.” – National Review

Let me begin by saying that I despise conspiracy theories. They cheapen tragedies and insult the memories of the victims. As a former member of the NYPD, and a New Yorker on 9/11, nothing aggravates me more than hearing morons like Rosie O’Donnell contradict engineers and architects with her version of how and why the Towers fell. And there might not be a person on this planet more annoying and chill inducing than Alex Jones.” –

Going back in time to stop Adolf Hitler is one of the most common tropes in science fiction – so much, in fact, that it’s often used as a thought experiment to explain a given work’s rules of time travel. Ever since Donald Trump first gained a lead in the Republican presidential primary, people have been joking that something similar might be needed to stop him. Stephen Colbert took that joke to its fullest extent on Wednesday night, when he recruited Quantum Leapstar Scott Bakula for a new time-travel adventure.” –

Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton the ‘enemy of working people’ on Thursday after the nation’s largest labor organization endorsed the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.” – The Hill

In a livestream broadcast Thursday night Bernie Sanders pledged to work with presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton to transform the Democratic party and to defeat Donald Trump, but did not concede the race.” –

He was shot three times and his leg was trampled. Angel Colon laid motionless on the blood-covered floor of the Pulse nightclub in Orlando until one officer helped him get out.” – The Blaze


An economist who helps decide Louisiana’s state income forecast has delivered grim news to Gov. John Bel Edwards and legislative leaders, saying the state could end up with as much as a $200 million deficit this year.” –

Police will be in the French Quarter in full force this weekend for the city’s Pride Festival.” –

Now that basketball is over, baseball season is in full swing. My college home team LSU just lost a heartbreaker that kept them from going to the college world series. I’m a die-hard Yankees fan and tune in to a number of their games. But it’s a presidential election year, so a tough choice of what to watch; a baseball game or political rallies?” –

“Some people love him. Others hate him. Either way, when Donald Trump says things, everyone tends to listen.” –

A young man found guilty last year of stabbing a teenager 49 times and shoving his corpse into a mattress bag in New Orleans East was sentenced Thursday to life behind bars, ending a case that prosecutors described as one of the city’s most gruesome killings in recent memory.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate

“Splitting along racial lines, the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board on Thursday changed the name of Robert E. Lee High School in Baton Rouge to just Lee High School, falling short of the demands of black leaders who pressed for a name with no connection to the Confederate general.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate 

Residents near Lake Pontchartrain are being advised to take a lesson from tragic alligator attack in Orlando that claimed the life of a little boy.” –

“Fans of the movie series X-Men might be descending on northeast Louisiana over the next few weeks. Specifically fans of that genre of film will want to be in the Ferriday area. Filming for the latest  Wolverine movie is now underway in that Louisiana town.” –

A state audit of credit card use by Louisiana correctional employees found major red flags across the prison system and zeroed in on one card assigned to an employee at Avoyelles Correctional Center that was used for thousands of dollars in questionable purchases, including “oil-rubbed bathroom fixtures” costing almost $4,000.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate


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