The Low Popahirum, June 28, 2016


“Having once dismissed the importance of campaign tech, the mogul is now rushing to catch up with Clinton.” – Politico

“The claim that the fatal 2012 Benghazi terrorist attacks were sparked by an anti-Muslim video was crafted in Washington by Obama administration appointees and reflected neither eyewitness nor real-time reports from the Americans under siege, according to the final report of the GOP-led Benghazi Select Committee.” – Fox News

“The findings offer new details, but are unlikely to change the political dynamic around the attacks.” – Politico

CNN must have been well aware that hiring Trump’s former campaign manager ​Corey​ Lewandowski as a political analyst would create a row. Maybe that knowledge propelled them to move forward​, even if a bit hastily​. But the vast majority of critics seem to be missing the most salient and disturbing​ reality — that they have just hired another talking head to spew, or at the least defend, statements and/or “positions” that would never be deemed acceptable on major national television networks under any other circumstances.” –

Hell hath no fury like an establishment spurned. If you didn’t know this already, you certainly know it now, following the British people’s vote for a “Brexit.” A whopping 17.5 million of us voted last week to cut our nation’s ties with the European Union (E.U.), against 16 million who voted to stay. And we did so against the advice of most of the political class, media “experts,” the Brussels bureaucracy, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), President Barack Obama, and virtually every other Western leader.” –

“Hillary Clinton addresses voters telling pollsters ‘they don’t trust me’ and how she plans to combat ‘people having questions’ of her trustworthiness. Clinton said minds can be changed by ‘marshaling facts” to rebut negative attacks.’ –

“While many continue to greet Donald Trump’s hostile takeover of the Republican party with hysteria, confused as to why anyone could support him, what I find even more puzzling is why any alleged conservative continues to breathe life into the senseless ‘Never Trump’ movement.” –

Britain’s vote to exit the European Union has done Europe an enormous favor, no matter whether you think ‘Europe’ is a good or bad idea.” – The Week

At the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, the Norwegian cross-country skier Therese Johaug was vying for her first individual gold medal. Fresh off a world championship in the 10-kilometer race, she was now competing in the 30-kilometer. More than a grueling hour later, Ms. Johaug landed the silver, finishing less than three seconds behind the gold medalist — her training partner, Marit Bjorgen.” – NY Times

“With a name matching one of America’s Founding Fathers, you might picture this Greeley, Colorado, resident a dyed-in-the-wool political activist.” – The Blaze


“Will this be the season LSU beats Alabama and plays for an SEC title and a national championship?” –

Abortion rights advocates are hailing the Supreme Court’s ruling Monday (June 27) overturning a Texas law requiring abortion doctors to hold hospital admitting privileges as “historic” and a “game-changer” with substantial implications for Louisiana.” –

“Sen. Bill Cassidy talks Gun Control and Donald Trump” –

Driftwood LNG plans to become the seventh company to build a natural gas terminal in the southwestern area of Louisiana, the Associated Press reported over the weekend.” –

“Despite a report that the Saints abandoned The Greenbrier in favor of their Metairie training facility due to torrential flooding in West Virginia, the team said it is still planning to hold camp at the resort and plan to help the community while they’re there.” –

A woman was forced to the floor with a towel over her head as thieves ransacked her house in a Sunday home invasion, according to initial New Orleans Police department reports.” –

Abhay Patel, a newcomer to the pool of Republican candidates vying to fill the seat soon to be left vacant by Louisiana GOP Sen. David Vitter, made his candidacy official last Thursday.” –

It isn’t every morning that I smile more or less all the way through my cereal, and I write to gladly credit The Advocate for thus kicking-off my day.  In fairness, though, I stipulate that those now in charge of Louisiana’s go-to daily newspaper had no such intention.  They, I am certain, are not smiling.” – Real Shreveport


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