This Was A Pretty Serious Gaffe By Hillary Clinton, No?

Here was a fairly ill-conceived tweet by the Democrat nominee as she pushed a gun-control agenda in the wake of Orlando…

First, the substance of what she says. She’s wrong.

If the FBI is watching you for suspected terrorist links but doesn’t have probable cause to indict you for a violation of the law, no – it is a violation of your civil liberties and an abuse of the 14th Amendment’s protection of due process to prevent you from making a legal firearm purchase.

What the FBI ought to be doing, if it’s applying the massive resources we give to it for counterterrorism correctly, is to be monitoring your movements and acting to stop you from committing a terrorist act. That means going in front of a judge and getting a warrant for surveillance, it means putting a tail on you, it means seeing who you meet with.

All of which might seem like a heavy hand for the federal government to be taking, but you are, after all, being watched for suspected terrorist links. In the case of Omar Mateen, he was already on the FBI’s radar because he’d told coworkers he was affiliated with al-Qaeda and ALSO because he’d been pals with someone at his mosque, which is a mosque preaching Sharia law, who had gone to Syria and become a suicide bomber for ISIS.

Not to mention that his father, who is the #2 honcho at that mosque, is a vocal supporter of the Taliban in his native Afghanistan.

This is not some run-of-the-mill angry citizen. This is someone who has built a pattern through his own statements and associations of trafficking with the enemy. It’s not a violation of his rights to go in front of a judge and get a warrant to keep up with him – and when he buys a Sig Sauer MCX carbine rifle and commences to engage in discussions with his wife, according to statements she’s made, about the efficacy of showing up at that gay nightclub in Orlando to commit mass murder in the name of Allah, to have those discussions recorded and actionable.

That would be good law enforcement work. This man waved a bunch of red flags, and an FBI not overcome with political correctness could easily have checked enough boxes to act to stop him from killing those people without violating his 2nd Amendment rights or his 14th Amendment rights, and more importantly without violating the rights of anyone else either.

Asking the FBI to do a better job and unfettering them from the fiction that there is no particular threat to be had from a particular strain of Islam the adherents to which don’t do a particularly good job of hiding would greatly improve our ability to fight off domestic ISIS-inspired jihad.

So she’s wrong. There is nothing magical in stomping on this man’s right to own a gun; before he committed the terrible acts of the past weekend there was no reason for the government to do so. It’s the use of that gun, just like it would be the use of a bomb or the use of a truck driven into the establishment to crush the patrons under its wheels, or the use of a knife or an axe, which is the threat. And if she were qualified to be president she would understand that her role isn’t to restrict the rights of lawful Americans but to insure the government agencies it would be her job to supervise actually performed competently.

She doesn’t understand that and she doesn’t need to be anywhere near the White House.

As an aside, it unfortunately doesn’t sound like the Republican candidate understands this either.

But more than that is the irony of the gaffe, which was quickly picked up on…

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