After Five Cops Killed In Dallas, Mitch Landrieu Says Police Must End ‘Terrible’ Racial Profiling

Just a day after five Dallas police officers were killed on the job during a #BlackLivesMatter protest, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu says police must stop racially profiling black Americans, while praising cops across the country for their service.

Landrieu made the remarks today, in which he outlined that “we are all mourning,” after the Dallas, Texas shooting attack, Alton Sterling’s death and Philando Castile’s death. Sterling and Castile were both allegedly shot by police officers in the midst of altercations.

Here’s what Landrieu said:

“This week of tragedy, which saw police officers and the lives of black men alike taken from us, highlights the seriousness of this moment in our country.

“My heart is heavy and we are all mourning.

“These tragic events—in Baton Rouge, Falcon Heights and Dallas– remind us that across America, we must renew trust between our communities and the police.

“The men and women of law enforcement wake up every day, putting their lives on the line to protect and serve.  For every cop on the beat, there is a family at home who sacrifices in their own right.

“Just as we all rightly demand an end to the terrible practice of racial profiling which targets people based on the color of their skin, we must demand that individuals not judge police officers by their profession, but by their actions.

“In New Orleans, and all across America, we must first pause and reflect, and then unite to speak with each other, hear each other and see each other.

“When we get this right the police and the community will become one– a united front against violence, chaos, and terror.”

Oddly enough, Landrieu did not mention gun control, a common talking point among liberals and Democrats.

Landrieu also attended an event where he read off the names of black Americans who had been killed by police officers, saying that it was part of the country’s “culture of violence.”

Landrieu sounded almost a tad similar to Hillary Clinton, as she lectured white America on the plight of black Americans, the day after five police officers were killed.

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