BAYHAM: #BLM’s Bitter Harvest

The jarring footage of the fatal shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile spread like wildfire through social media and established news outlets and rocked the country.

The reaction from the professional activist wing of society was swift and furious.  Democratic leaders in government were only marginally more restrained in their own response.

Minnesota governor Mark Dayton, one of the most leftist state executives in the country, did his damnedest to flick lit matches at the powder keg of outrage, speculating whether the police would have opened fire on the car if it would’ve been occupied by whites instead of blacks.

President Barack Obama, once again assuming the role of partisan provocateur instead of national healer, decided to dump a vat of gasoline on the conflagration.

In a rambling statement to the traveling press in Warsaw, Poland, President Obama delivered a screed speaking down to law enforcement, defending the Black Lives Matter protests, and declaring that the shootings were not isolated experiences.

President Obama then rattled off statistics about police engagements with non-whites and/or blacks, changing the groupings throughout his spiel to produce his desired narrative, to imply that the system was rigged against persons of color.

Not citing a specific source, President Obama framed his statistics with “as likely” to avoid the admission that far more whites are killed by police than blacks.  Furthermore, the president never mentioned instances of justifiable homicide where active shooters were taken out with deadly yet necessary force.

His words were not meant to inform but to inflame.

It was as if President Obama was giving blanket confirmation to every paranoid and inaccurate BLM-oriented meme in circulation.

Obama’s comments were about as disappointing as they were standard fare out of the mouth of the professional protestor who got elected president.

Unfortunately just as presidential elections have consequences, so do presidential words.

Protestors took to the streets in major American cities.  Though the crowds were described as peaceful by the media, that was an outright lie.  Chants of “F**k the Police” were hurled and racialist messaging denigrating whites were shamelessly displayed.

And then in Dallas someone buying what the BLM crowd was selling decided to put that angry chant into the clip of a semi-automatic weapon, targeting white policemen providing security for the very people condemning them.

After getting the pounds of uniformed flesh and buckets of blue blood, all of a sudden the very voices of anger and rage in officialdom traded their snarls and shouts for gloomy countenances and whispers for unity.

Their forced posturing coming too late for five civil servants in Dallas felled in the line of duty by a hate-filled monster.

Now the BLM is in a panic, not because of the fallen but the fallout.

The New York Times posted a story on their website Saturday evening lamenting the brand damage BLM suffered from Micah Johnson’s fateful decision to accept their premise and do something about it.

A New Orleans BLM activist interviewed fumed about how the five dead officers now take center stage and that their movement will now be ignored.  In lieu of flowers, please send….

The other social justice warriors interviewed shared her concern for the “cause” without showing much concern for the slain policemen, spotlight stealing excepted.

However even after Dallas the radical group that regularly engages in racialist harassment that would merit inclusion on the same domestic terror lists as white supremacist groups do have cheerleaders in high places.

Displaying yet another instance of her unfitness for the station she occupies (it’s been a busy week, with covering up her party’s presidential nominee national security violations), Attorney General Loretta Lynch gave the BLM a pep talk of sorts.

Saying that their “voice was important,” Lynch exhorted them to not allow five dead policemen damper their fervor, even though such protests not only put law enforcement at risk but the protestors themselves.

Ms. Lynch’s comments came the day after the massacre.

You’d think the head of the Justice Department would have discouraged protests and admonished people from rushing to judgement and to put their faith in the judicial process.  But that’s not how they’ve rolled since 2009.

America could have plucked a better Attorney General from the ambulance chaser section of the Yellow Pages.

If this country does not tear itself apart before Obama vacates the White House in January, it will be because the American public, black and white, have had enough and as individuals refused to be played any further by the protest crowd, those in the streets and those in the seats of power.

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