Could New Orleans Benefit from North Carolina’s Bathroom Law?

So, despite what everyone seems to think, the world didn’t stop to allow the coronation of Donald Trump happen. Other things keep going on. For example, people are still outraged at the idea that North Carolina thinks penises should use the men’s restroom and the men’s restroom only. Some groups are so upset that they’re happily taking their business elsewhere. One such group? The NBA.

I suppose it’s understandable. New Orleans is after all known for how mild-mannered and sane it is. So, hooray for New Orleans. They needed more tourists and more tax money. Perhaps it will be the kind of economic boost they need to finally pay their firefighters.

In all seriousness, I’m glad more big events get to be held in the state. It’s those kinds of things that the state needs to continue building its brand as a way to bring in more tourism and more money. It benefits us so well. I just feel bad that this issue is what’s bringing the NBA here. North Carolina absolutely did the right thing in passing that law, and now they have to suffer for it. It sucks.


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