Louisiana Right To Life Staffer Uses Facebook To Call Out The AP’s Pro-Abortion Biased Reporting

The AP published an article tonight about a lawsuit filed by the abortion industry and its allies challenging Louisiana’s new pro-life legislation.

The article tries to argue that dismembering unborn children is a constitutional right. Even worse, the article was spun as balanced reporting instead of an op-ed.

Here’s what most of the article says:

Friday’s suit was filed on behalf of two north Louisiana clinics and three doctors by the Center for Reproductive Rights, a New York-based legal non-profit. The group’s president and CEO, Nancy Northup, said legislatures are “burying women’s right to safe and legal abortion under an avalanche of unjustified and burdensome restrictions.”

“A web of red tape” over abortions is “driving safe and legal care out of reach for many Louisiana women and putting their health and well-being at risk,” her statement added.

Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards, who “maintains his pro-life position” on abortion, is reviewing the lawsuit, according to a statement from his press secretary Shauna Sanford.

Louisiana would join at least five other states with the nation’s longest wait time, 72 hours. However, the current 24-hour wait would remain for women living 150 miles or more from the nearest abortion provider.

The clinics call the wait “an affront to the dignity and autonomy of women” that “imposes mental hardship and suffering, sorrow, and nervousness.”

Other new rules would:

— ban “dilation and evacuation,” a procedure used to avoid complications in second-trimester abortions — unless it’s deemed necessary to prevent “serious health risk” to the woman.

— require doctors who perform abortions to be either board-certified or certifiable in obstetrics and gynecology, or family medicine.

— require abortion providers to bury or cremate fetal remains.

— prohibit state and local government agencies from funding an abortion clinic or any entity that contracts with abortion clinics.

The suit says the law “imposes a legal stigma on abortion clinics, isolating them by singling them out to Louisiana businesses as uniquely unqualified entities with whom to contract.”

This could’ve been a press release from Planned Parenthood or another abortion industry outfit.

However, the AP “reporter” by the name of Cain Burdeau did get a statement from our friend Deanna Marie Wallace at Louisiana Right to Life. After all, this is supposed to be straight reporting. But here’s the blurb she got:

Deanna Wallace, legislative director of Louisiana Right to Life, called them “commonsense protections for the safety of women.”

The abortion industry and its allies were allowed to frame the argument in this article. This article, which will be seen all across the country, is a press release for the people filing this lawsuit. Meanwhile, the pro-life side got a cherry-picked quote to respond.

Thank God for social media to set the record straight. Deanna took to Facebook and published her entire statement on her page.

We got a copy of the statement. Here it is:

So my ACTUAL statement was:

“Today’s lawsuit by the abortion industry is yet another reminder that they are committed to abortion-on-demand without any common sense protections for the safety of women. Louisiana legislators, both Democrat and Republican, both women and men, overwhelmingly enacted these reasonable policies in order to ensure that abortion clinics adhere to rational health and safety standards. Not only does the abortion industry wish to avoid those safety standards, but in this lawsuit they are also defending their ‘right’ to use the completely barbaric procedure of dismemberment abortion in order to rip living, unborn human beings limb from limb.

“We have complete faith in the ability and determination of Gov. John Bel Edwards and Attorney General Jeff Landry to defend these common sense laws that protect both women and their unborn children from the profit-driven abortion industry.”

If the AP writer was an actual journalist instead of a PR guy for the abortion industry, he would’ve found more room for Deanna’s statement to balance out the pro-abortion propaganda.

One of the beautiful things about social media is that it is much easier now to call out mainstream media bias. This is another example of that.

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