Louisiana’s Tony Perkins’ Revolting Undertaking To Dismantle The Most Pro-Gay Presidential Candidate

No Republican Party candidate, or presidential candidate for that matter, has ever been more pro-gay than New York mogul Donald Trump.

And just when everyone thought the strong-hold of the authoritarian, staunch Evangelical Right was dying off in the Republican Party, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins is trying to bring it back with all of its usual gay-obsessed theories.

Perkins, who’s appearance is often gay-er than a Drag Queen, hijacked the GOP platform thus far and has proposed the most anti-gay Republican document in the party’s history.

Among the most absurd proposals is a full endorsement of “conversion therapy,” where gay Americans are taught to be heterosexual as if their biological make-up is deficient.

Shoot Back

Perkins tanked the platform, however, even further by refusing to recognize the victims of the Orlando Islamic terrorist attack as gay Americans, demanding a repeal of same-sex marriage and asking for a ban on transgender Americans using the bathroom they want.

Sound like Trump?

Of course not. The exact reason Trump is so beloved among his homo and heterosexual following, aside from his always ready-for-the-runway wife Melania and daughter Ivanka (and those two gorgeous sons), is that he is truly a cultural libertarian when it comes to gay Americans.

Take for example when the transgender-mania bathroom issue was being discussed nationally. Trump’s solution was like most Americans: Why do we need a law one-way-or-the-other? Leave the trannies alone.

And his solution for gay marriage? Let the states deal with it.

But Trump’s unwavering love for gay Americans nearly peaked when the tragedy of an Islamic terror attack in Orlando, Florida killed 50 Americans, many of who were gay.

Trump, with a full-heart, got to the bottom of the matter, demanding that Western Civilization, which has afforded gay Americans all the equal treatment they deserve today, be preserved and not taken backwards by a growing gay-hating, gay-killing ideology that is based in the barbarism and primitive culture of Islam.

Finally, a candidate that gets it!

A Republican that understands that no matter how hard the gay activists at the Human Rights Campaign and Equality Louisiana try, Islamic culture is a mere death sentence for not only gay Americans, but gays around the world.

Gays embody Trump, just as Trump embodies gays.

For centuries, gay men have been heralded for their unabashed, unapologetic way of speaking, their non-politically correct attitude towards life, their need for personal responsibility and for circulating in the most fabulous social circles, all while managing to pull of a tartan Gucci suit.

Ironically, this year’s Republican National Convention (RNC), thanks to the massive gay following Trump has, will be the fag-iest of them all.

Gay conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos and jihad-watcher Pamela Geller are hosting a party with all of the GOP’s favorite gay icons from conservative columnist Ann Coulter to Dutch People’s Party leader Geert Wilders.

This is everything Perkins despises inside the most bitchiest and glittery-wing of the GOP, the gay Republicans.

Not only does Perkins’ hijacking of the Republican Party platform not personify what Trump personifies, but it doesn’t personify what the Trumpian GOP electorate personifies.

Ask any Trump voter what they’re most concerned about and they’ll give you these three answers: Mass immigration that only helps the rich and hurts the working class, globalization at the expense of the American worker through terrible trade deals and defeating radical Islamic terror which treats women and gays as though they are dogs.

Just like the GOP establishment, the globalist ruling class and the Clintons, Perkins and his brigade of social-conservatism-at-all-cost loons are living in the 1990’s.

In fact, the only thing more 1990’s than Perkins’ Republican Party platform proposals is Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress.

Like social justice warriors in contemporary, third-wave feminism ranks and gender naval-gazing college nut-jobs, the Perkins’ wing of 1990’s authoritarian policing of the Republican voter is more outdated than the scrunchie, (although they’re making a comeback as well).

This Republican Party platform is a drain on the Trump campaign’s prolific rise.

Then again, so is Tony Perkins.

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