Rob Maness Causes David Duke To Have A Meltdown On Twitter

Day 2 of the “Dr.” David Duke for Senate campaign has already created some fireworks on social media. Duke and Republican Senate candidate retired Air Force Colonel Rob Maness tied into it on Twitter after Duke was pissed that Maness was campaigning against him.

It started when Maness sent this Tweet out promoting his website,, which he’s using to harvest e-mails from Duke opponents.

On Friday, Maness compared Duke to fellow race hustler Al Sharpton in a press release and on the website, he compares Duke to the Obama Administration. From Maness’s page:

We must—in the strongest of terms available—denounce the politics of division from any source. It goes against everything I fought to defend with my military service. I’ll be damned if I allow David Duke, Al Sharpton, or any agitator, to make a mockery of our nation or the great state of Louisiana. We are a people of faith, conviction, and charity. Americans are united in their support of peace, justice, and the rule of law.

I hereby condemn every race-pimping, hate spewing opportunist that would divide us. Unite with us as Americans for peace, justice, and the rule of law so every American can pursue their dreams.

This set David Dork off and he fired a bunch of unhinged Tweets at Maness.

Col. Maness didn’t take too kindly to being called a traitor.

I would also point out that while Col. Maness was planning the air war against the Taliban after 9/11, Kremlin stooge David Duke was hiding out in Russia on the run from tax evasion charges.

Maness also left us with a reminder about David Duke:

and closed with this sick burn

We’ve certainly had our issues with Rob Maness, but if you’re a conservative you can’t help but sit back and cheer Maness’s take down of David Dork. Maness not only picked a fight with “Dr.” David Dork, he won it.

A few more of these and hopefully David Duke will get the hint and go away.

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