The Low Popahirum, August 2, 2016


A fresh set of post-Democratic convention polls shows a sudden shift toward the Democratic nominee.” – Politico

Donald Trump is rapidly ratcheting up the rhetoric as the 2016 candidates charge out of their respective party conventions, warning Monday the November presidential election could be ‘rigged’ and repeatedly calling Democratic rival Hillary Clinton ‘the devil’ – while his campaign tried to draw financial links between the Clinton Foundation and ISIS.” – Fox News

I am amused by the NeverTrump conservatives who’ll support Hillary, or at least do what they can to ensure her election, because they say Trump isn’t a real conservative. They’re a little like the people who go on a KFC diet in order to lose weight, but at least they’re asking the right question, even if they’ve come up with the wrong answer.” – NY Post

The elite media is jam-packed with moralists who have collectively decided in the days since Donald Trump trained his rhetorical fire on Khizr and Ghazala Khan that any pretense of covering the presidential campaign dispassionately deserves to be thrown out the window.” – The Week

Our country is desperate for a functioning two-party system. A system that understands that compromise is the sweet spot of peace in a pluralistic society that values tolerance and inclusiveness. Not these endless attempts to run the table in two- and four-year cycles that produce few results and parties that seem to regard gridlock as an accomplishment.” –

No, the short-skirted, ‘leggy’ women of Fox News aren’t to blame for sexual harassment and they shouldn’t have to quit their jobs.” – USA Today

In an interview with a local Ohio television station on Monday, Donald Trump said that Khizr Khan was really bothered by his position on border security — specifically his promise to keep radical Islamic terrorists from entering the country.” –

“The Republican and Democrat national conventions are over and as the dust starts to settle, it looks like Hillary Clinton has a chance to carry Utah in the U.S. presidential election.” –

Bruce Reed, a respected local Vietnam veteran, said he ‘snapped’ after watching Pokemon GO players stomp around the park, which he viewed as a ‘lack of respect.’ The city has reportedly received multiple complaints about Pokemon GO players setting up tents and playing music at the park.” – The Blaze


“Local families who applied for the state school voucher program are facing the reality that, due to budget cuts, vouchers may no longer be available.” –

“In light of back-to-school season, the personal-finance website WalletHub conducted an in-depth analysis of 2016’s States with the Best & Worst School Systems.” –

“One restaurant wants to reward those who have a concealed carry permit for their weapons.” –

A federal judge on Monday awarded $50,000 in damages to a woman who accused a former Louisiana police chief of sexually assaulting her in his office while she was drunk and he was on duty.” –

“One of the 400 new laws taking effect today is inspired by a Lafayette man.” –

“Last year, Covington posed as a 1940s-era town and filmmakers yet again took advantage of the historic locations and the natural beauty of St. Tammany Parish.” –

Real change is what a panel of community leaders discussed Monday at the Baton Rouge Press Club.” –

The Pokemon Go craze is sweeping across the Crescent City, and now some spots are cashing in on the fervor for the virtual creatures.” –

“Saints head coach Sean Payton appeared on the HBO series ‘Ballers‘ this week.” –

Miss Rosalie Collins, known as ‘Pee Wee’ to her friends, of Legacy Nursing and Rehabilitation in Plaquemine will be celebrating her 102nd birthday Sunday, July 31, 2016.” –

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