BAYHAM: Hillary’s Hedley Lamar Moment

Hillary Clinton’s condemnation of Donald Trump’s supporters as half of basket of deplorables is one of the most severe attacks by a presidential candidate on the voters in over a century.

It was far worse than Mitt Romney’s ill-advised commentary about the “47%” from 2012.

While Romney’s remark was not intended to flatter the base vote of the Democratic Party, the worst that could be inferred was that those Americans who are in some way dependents of the state were going to vote to protect what they saw as their interests.

By contrast, what Hillary said was more akin to the infamous “Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion” line dropped by a preacher named Samuel Burchard at a rally for Republican presidential candidates James Blaine prior to the 1884 election.

Burchard aimed to link the Democratic Party and its nominee Grover Cleveland with drunks, Catholics, and the Confederacy in contrast to the tee totaling Protestant Civil War vets who comprised the backbone a decidedly WASPish Party of Lincoln.

As the states that comprised the latter were voting solidly Democrat post-Reconstruction, the real damage was done with Catholic Irish voters, who were an important bloc in the all-important weathervane state of New York.  The Empire State’s 36 electoral votes were awarded to Cleveland by just over 1,000 ballots.

If only Hillary would have been kind enough to call Trump supporters Skoal dipping Boozy McPapists.

Mrs. Clinton spelled out each item in her recycled tote bag of ugly: homophobe, islamophobe, racists, sexists, and xenophobes.

It was like a shrill rendition of Hedley Lamar’s rattled list of desired bandits from Blazing Saddles, without the late great Harvey Korman’s mellifluence.

Hillary’s basket of insults was the manifestation of a demagogic narrative she, her party, and her allies in the established (rigged) media have been advancing to demonize Trump supporters as a means of not just turning out the Democratic base vote (which is less than inspired) but appealing to a sliver of pastel Republicans to abandon their party in 2016 by either sitting out, going third party, or fully crossing the political Rubicon by voting Democrat.

Hillary’s “overheating” has provided a distraction to this embarrassing situation that her arrogance and contemptuous attitude created, Team Trump have taken a page out of Grover Cleveland’s playbook by ensuring that as many people can hear her own words by circulating them through paid advertising.

And the former first lady’s take on Trump and his voters is hardly unique.

In fact by comparison, Hillary’s comments are benign.

The notoriously leftist and habitually obnoxious Huffington Post decided to run a piece by one Christian Gabriel, who goes under the stage name Chris Cali.  Cali is a black gay musician who penned a column titled “If You Don’t Vote Democrat this November, then Fuck You!”.

How the Huffington Post gets media credentials for anything is beyond comprehension. At least MSNBC doesn’t swear as much.

Cali’s screed contains gratuitous use of the f word, even giving Mr. Trump a new middle name, and refers to him as a “white devil madman”.

White devil is a term that has been thrown around by the likes of Louis Farrakhan and other dregs of society who have worked to sow the seeds of ethnic divisions in society for their own benefit.

Perhaps Cali’s frothy profane temper tantrum was intended to speak to many of the “Bern’d out” voters who can’t bring themselves to support Hillary.

Or maybe he’s trying to exploit an odious position to expand his brand, as many attention-starved quasi-celebrities do to become relevant (see backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick).

Regardless, it was a vile piece intended to appeal to our baser instincts.

Back to Mrs. Clinton.

Whether or not Trump emerges the victor in the 2016 presidential race, the billionaire real estate developer will likely receive north of 60 million votes and will draw the support of no less than 47% of citizens who will participate in the election.

If a politician doesn’t respect a demographic while a candidate, just imagine how they will be regarded by her after the ballots are counted.

Hillary Clinton has once again disqualified herself from the presidency by demonstrating her inability to be a president for all people by resorting to the ugly rhetorical tactics that have been used by the worst elements in American politics.

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