Did You See What Juanita Broaddrick Did To Chelsea Clinton Yesterday?

This redefines “sick burn.” And it shows that while Twitter sucks, occasionally it can be made good use of.

Broaddrick, in case you weren’t aware, was an alleged victim of sexual abuse at the hands of Bill Clinton. She says that in April of 1978, she was raped in a Little Rock hotel room by Clinton, who was at the time governor of Arkansas. Wikipedia has a fairly good summary of her story, and among the allegations she’s made were that Hillary Clinton knew about the rape long before it ever even circulated in political circles, much less made it into the media eye, which it finally did in 1999 during the Clinton impeachment. So much so that…

Broaddrick says Clinton did not speak to her at the event, but his wife Hillary approached her, took her hand, and said ‘I just want you to know how much Bill and I appreciate what you do for him.” When Broaddrick moved her hand away, she says, Mrs. Clinton held on to her and said, “Do you understand? Everything that you do.” Broaddrick says she felt nauseated and left the gathering. Broaddrick says she interpreted the incident as Mrs. Clinton thanking her for keeping quiet.

On balance, Broaddrick would seem to be a fairly credible accuser and there is some degree of corroboration to her story – if circumstantial. She was not a publicity-seeking attention hound; in fact, she did everything she could not to have her story go public; it was friends of hers in whom she confided who spread it, and but for the special prosecutor Ken Starr who was investigating the Paula Jones allegations and who subpoenaed Broaddrick she would never have gone public; she told people the Clintons would destroy her if she came forward. But now that Hillary Clinton is running for president, and since Broaddrick’s story has been out in the open for close to two decades, she has little to lose by being a public critic of the Clintons.

Which she is.

And when Chelsea Clinton began whining about the bad things people say about her parents, Broaddrick didn’t hesitate to give her a piece of her mind yesterday…

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